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Salon owner on running for Texas State Senate seat

2020-08-29 | 🔗
Shelley Luther, Dallas salon owner who was jailed for defying coronavirus orders, joins ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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Over to you will will thank you, Jedediah, a Dallas salon owner who was thrown in jail for defying her states. Lockdown order is running for office, stand up and go to jail for you. I do it again and again I will fight to keep our Texas boundaries. Will Shellie Luther announcing run at a black to blue rally defying orders to keep our business closed? She served jail time. She joins us now good morning, Shellie good morning. Will. How are you will im? Well, thank you. What happened to you over the last several months last we heard your business had been shut down and you served some jail time. How is business going right now? Business is great. We have been opened actually, since I opened that first day, even when I was in jail, the business stayed open, so its been awesome will imagined to stay up and running during the pandemic, and
now your business is back. You are running for State Senate Texas. Tell us why! Well I mean I have had thousands of people reach out to me. I think people are yearning for a real person in government people that have real problems, people that have been on the front lines and faced all of these difficulties, though, want somebody who really cares about what is happening will willing, certainly on the front line of the pandemic and shut down orders as a state senator. What would be your approach to a situation like this would have you at all embraced the idea of a shutdown to deal with to combat the coronavirus pandemic? I think I would have done a temporary shutdown, maybe two weeks or maybe even up to a month- thirty days at the most just until we figured it out
and when I mean figured it out, meaning, okay, well, we will wear masks or we will determine what is safe enough to go out or in. I just think that adults should be able to make their own decisions after a 30 day period, and if people want to take the chance to go somewhere. That is absolutely their right. To do so will certainly understand the message of embracing individual choice. Help me understand: if you were in a state Senate, you would be looking at a shutdown of Bess business for a length of period of time. That seems to be somewhat in contradiction with the choice you made a few months ago. Is it not? No, because did I actually shut down for the period of time and then, when we were shut down for a month and other businesses were thriving all around us and the virus didnt seem to be spreading throughout the quote: unquote essential businesses.
I thought you know it was definitely fair for my business to be open as well, and if people wanted to occupy or go in to my business, we absolutely had the right to open. Will right so after a period of time, open back up and let businesses decide if its time for them. What about the way Texas is handling the pandemic. Now, do you approve of Governor Abbott and Texas Legislature and how they are handling the coronavirus? Now I do not. We still have a statewide mask mandate, which I feel is ridiculous. I feel like if a business owner wants to require a mask to come in then thats their right in my salon. Actually, I do require a mask to come in, just because clients are face to face with the stylist for over an hour, sometimes two hours at a time, and if people want to come in my salon, they have to wear a mask, but I feel like if there is a salon owner that does not want
to require a mask. That is absolutely their right. People should be able to make decisions for themselves. Will you would be opposed to a statewide mask mandate? Essentially, your message is, while you were embrace a temporary shutdown to handle something like the coronavirus pandemic afterwards allow people and individuals and businesses to make their own choices absolutely, and I mean I dont know if we will see something like this in the foreseeable future, but thirty days MAX and then, if a governor wants to continue to make decisions, he or she needs to discuss that with other people in government. There needs to be a special session called, and this needs to be discussed with other people who can create laws for this not just be a king or will turn into a communist state, and we cant do that. Will Shelly Luther. Thank you.
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