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Santa Claus talks about his long night of delivering presents

2020-12-25 | 🔗
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Christmas morning, pictures at friends at Foxnews dot com. We want to celebrate with you as well. Now I digress, because, because we have a special special Vism P guest, who has been busy all night long, the Santa Claus joining us good Morning Santa Good morning HO ho ho. It has been a long night Griff. How did it go? What was the challenges? And are you completely done now everything all all the places where the children are asleep Santa has delivered everything. Nicole Santa, I can tell you just coming up this morning. You definitely hit my house and children are going to be extremely excited as they wake up. How did you do it? There were high winds and rapes, and I can tell you my kids were concerned about you and your reindeer flying in that weather Santa has special authority
to avoid the weather and nothing stops. Santa Santa always delivers to good chirp. While they are sloping, will Jason im highly impressed im glad you got the cookies that my granddaughter left out for you. I can see you ate most of it. Other eat snacks, very food cookies, if Jason good. I appreciate it. I hate to ask you this, but as long as I dont get many opportunities to talk to Santa any chance, have you an extra stretch, Armstrong that was my favorite toy as a kid? If you have an extra one, you heard what I said I delivered to all the children on the good list, chronic NIC on the good list too thats. Another point that you make there Jason two parts to that and it is important that he qualify on both Jason. All right,
I may not qualify. I understand thanks Santa Griff thats, a good point. I loved stretch, Armstrong Good CALL Journey last night on this show we were tracking you yesterday, talking with the commander General Van Herct at NORAD. One of the first stops you made was the international space station. How did you pull that off? Now? I would be telling some of santas magical secrets. They were surprised. They thought that Santa couldnt get there Santa always shows upping Nicole well Santa. I can tell you that my children were watching you all night long and at one point I was saying that I think you were didding to come soon and my son is like no, no, no, he is still in South America, but he will be here at some point. I love that you allow our kids to follow you around the world.
I told him, though, that we dont know precisely where you are its still the element of surprise. Otherwise everyone would have pictures and videos of you have coming down the chimney, its not quite precise right. There is still some magic to it. You dont want us to know exactly when you are coming right. The only person who knows exactly where Santa is at any moment is MRS Claus and of Course MRS Claus keeps a very close eye on Santa will, will Jason that was actually my. He question San. Be that what does MRS Claus do? While you are doing all this work, do you sneak her along sometimes? Does she scoot over and join you on some of this? Well. No. Actually, MRS Claus has completed her work when Santa has returned home safely, but up until that point Santa is not a business than but MRS Claus. She makes sure
that everything that Santa is committed to doing gets done. She also managing the elves and the reindeer Santa could not function without MRS Claus, many Griff thats great Nicole, no truer statement it Griff. I just have one more question for you, Santa that is my God daughter, Lily Groce shared with me last night, a plan devised a three point plan it will designed to catch you did she catch? You? Have you ever been caught by any of the children, the device plans to catch you in the act? It has never happened and it never will, because one of the secrets is that Rudolph, the red nosed rain reindeer his nos, not only a bee cob, but it is also a child detector radar laughter and if we approach a house- and there are children asleep we
just if they are not asleep- we just go right on by to the next place. It Nicole. Thank you Santa so much for checking in. I need one of those child detector radars for sure Santa will be here all morning to answer our questions. Pleas. You can email us your questions for Santa as well as sending in pictures at Foxnews dot com, and maybe we will be able to read them live on air this morning. I will be happy to visit back again with you.
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