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Sarah Sanders and Ari Fleischer give their top takeaways from the first presidential debate

2020-09-30 | 🔗
Fox News contributors and former White House press secretaries Sarah Sanders and Ari Fleischer weigh in on first general election showdown on 'Fox & Friends'
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You are president screwing. You are president screwing things up youre the worst President America has ever had come on with. Let me just say Joe ive done in forty seven months, ive done more than youve done in forty seven years, Joe weve done things you never even thought of including fixing the broken military that you Steve President Trump and Joe Biden, trying to make their case to America. In the first debate. They did talk a lot at the same time, Ainsley and here, with their top Takeaways Fox news contributors and former White House Press secretaries, Sarah Sanders and ARI Fleischer good Morning good morning. Ainsley Sarah well start with you. What are your major takeaways from last night in? Well? I think the biggest takeaways of the night were the fact that Joe Biden reminded all of America that hes willing to shut down the economy again and raise taxes. I think that should scare every american business every american worker that to me was one of the most important takeaways that we cannot ignore. Despite all of the cross talk
that has real impact. Forget all of the back and forth and the fighting between the two candidates. This hurts every single American, something that everyone should be paying very close attention to, and he wasnt ashamed of it. He was of proud to say he would shut down the economy again. He was proud to say that he would raise taxes on every American. That is not a good thing. He also showed he has no ability to restore law and order in this country he couldnt name a single law enforcement agency or individual. That is endorsing him and supporting him to me. Those are the two biggest issues driving voters in this election and hes weak and vulnerable on both of them. The voters try to get through the noise, try to get through the chaos and realize those two big things, and that should give everybody pause and reason to vote for Donald Trump in November, Brian yeah, and also when it comes to the virus. I couldnt think of one thing that Joe Biden said that hasnt been done and, of course the rest of the world is dealing with the same thing
before you react. I want you to hear what the media reaction was on other channels, the most chaotic presidential debate ive ever seen, that was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen. That was a bleep show. It just felt like an assault. It felt like an assault on our senses on our presidential campaign promise. I think this was about Trump saying this process is EL legitimate weve got two minutes forget that im talking over you, a friend of mines, daughter burst into tears, has to run to bed because she was so appalled. This sixth grade girl at a what she saw from the President, Brian AR irk you didnt, run ARI. You didnt run from the stage from the set, but you were not happy with what you saw. I saw that last night yeah, I agree with the train wreck. I think there was I way too much interrupting by both candidates. The president started it. The vice president returned the
fire and the vice president saying shut up man. I mean who talks like that and as for these other networks, you dont elevate yourself by engaging in swears on the air, like that. You dont say that something is that bad and then you about that bad, so Everybodys lowering themselves and that just doesnt serve the country. Well, a debate should be a really good airing of differences. It could not be a food fight so yeah. I did not like all the interrupting that both candidates engaged in Steve real quickly before we get to Sarah ARI. Do you have a White board with changes for next time laughter? I have no idea how you knew that you are clairvoyant laughter. I happen to have one Steve Looky. There heres my advice on the next debate. One interrupt less its perfectly fine at key moments to jump in dont. Do it all the time two? Let Biden flail around the president actually saved Biden on several instances
when he said to Joe Biden, you wont take a stand on packing. The court. You wont, take a stand on the filibuster. He should have gone silent and shown America Biden isnt. Taking a stand. Trump is right, but instead he interrupted again and said: wheres your list. He didnt, let Biden flail, let the man flail itll happen and three sum it up. Let Biden go through two or three of these episodes where he doesnt answer anything and then say: heres whats, going on America, Joe Biden wont tell you where he is on the electoral college on packing the court. He wont tell you where he is on fracking. Why? Because he is so dominated by the left sum it all up. After letting Biden, flail interrupt a whole lot, less thats the clean technique to drive through the points the president wants to get home Ainsley the only thing Steve ive got Karl Rove. I know he has it patented sorry, Karl Ainsley. It actually helped the president when the president
pushed him on packing the court, because he was just saying im not going to tell you my ideas: thatll be the topic, the headline, the idea and the president said: youre, not answering the question and that led Biden to say I am not going to answer the question that was a sound bite. Thats been played a lot, certainly, and I think the president was right to push Joe Biden on a couple of places. He knows he has to in most of these debates. There is not going to be a moderator that holds bidens feet to the fire. The president felt he a had to do that himself. One thing I dont have a White board, but one thing I would add to that list and one of the things the president very effectively in twenty sixteen is he used his sense of humor. He has a great laugh out loud sense of humor. I would like to see him inject some of that into these debates. I think it served him well in two thousand and sixteen. I think it could lighten the moment a little bit and certainly remind people who this president is and give a moment
of levity in a very intense situation. To certainly dont need a stand up comedy show, but it could go a long way. He also should make a direct appeal to women. One of the standout lines that he had last night was that hes done more in forty seven months than Joe Biden has done in forty seven years. Ari made that point last night. It was a key moment. He should be making that appeal to women on issues they care about. The successes hes had in those forty seven months, all of the things that he has done that make the community safer their schools, better their economies stronger. I think thats, where he should spend a lot of his focus in the next debate, Brian and at forty seven minutes after the hour were going to have to end it there three 47S in a row ARI and Sarah thanks so much laughter. You bet thank you, Brian Straight, the ahead. What did viewers at home think of the debate next.
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