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Sarah Sanders: If Biden can't handle basic questions, how can he handle being president?

2020-08-06 | 🔗
2020 hopeful Joe Biden snaps at a reporter who asked him if he took a cognitive test; former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders reacts.
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Please clarify specifically, please clarify specifically, have you taken a no, I havent taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test come on man thats, like saying you know before you got on this program, did you take a test where, whether you are taking cocaine or not? What do you think? Are you a junky? I know you are trying to goad me im so forward, looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president in debates plenty of time, im very wig to let the american public judge my physical and mental, my physical, as well as my mental fitness, and you know to make a judgment about who I am PETE. That was the latest installment of Joe Biden from his basement here to react. Sarah Sanders Fox NEWS, contributor and former White House press secretary. Sarah thanks for being here, there is two parts to this: our own Doug Mckelway asked. If he
take cognitive test in June, he says I take it all the time. The second part is, if asked a hard question Joe Biden, either cant answer it or yells at the reporter. I mean at least he didnt call him a dog faced pony soldier whats, your your take away from this. First, these arent even hard questions. Hard questions are dealing with the problems he would faces a president, the things that are coming at him right now, particularly questions from reporters when he actually shows up to take a few, are softball questions, the ability, rather the inability for him to answer any of these questions. I think, give everybody a lot of pause before voting for him, but one of the things that I find so shocking is how quiet the media is when he comes up with all of these crazy answers. Can you imagine if Donald Trump said gave that answer to a reporter about whether or not he was mentally fit to be
president? They would go absolutely crazy. Every time the president says one word off, they lose their minds. They spend the next twelve hours running it on a loop talking about how he shouldnt be President Joe Biden cant get through a single interview, put one coherent sentence together, and yet they sit quietly. I find it absolutely amazes Amaz little you hear about this, particularly on an answer where he asked a reporter if he was a junky, its truly mind, blowing Brian at least four times that I have seen when he was on the campaign trail trying to earn this nomination. That was just handed to him by James Clyburn. He has told those questioners or those asking a question in Niece Town Hall settings. You better vote for somebody else called another guy fat all right. So this is the man uncle Joe. That everybody says is such a great guy. He might be. I have not seen it yet or was and Sarah how many times would
you want to turn around on that reporter when you were getting blistered on a daily basis to keep your calm? I dont know if you have a punching bag or heavy bag at home. I never saw you sweat Joe Biden sweating in his basement and he has got the air conditioning on. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign said this to Fox. It was a preposterous question deserving of a response that showed the be a suffered at this of it. All listen to his answer. It backed up the need for that question, not only that its the same question that they have asked Donald Trump, a million times. Where was the Biden campaign saying it was preposterous to ask Donald Trump that very same question. I mean again the idea that he cant field a basic question on whether or not he is capable of doing the job as president, I think, shows he is incapable of doing the job as president. We have big challenges that our country faces and he is going to have to be able to handle a lot of difficult things
if he cant handle basic questions, I cant imagine how he handels rebuilding the economy, defending against some of the toughest adversaries our country may face fighting back against China and Russia and a number of other things. If he cant handle a couple of softball questions from reporters without losing his you know cool every single time he gets a little bit of push back. I think thats, one of the big reasons that Donald Trump is going to do very well in November, because people at the end of the day know that Joe Biden is not ready to lead this country and certainly not ready to take on the challenges that we face ahead. Ainsley, you bring up a good point. We would never ask someone at a dinner party that, but you can ask the President of the United States, someone who wants to have that position commander in chief who makes decisions about our military, putting our men and womens lives on the lines. I think its a fair question lets talk about the campaign strategies of both camps. You have politico writing. This is their headline Trump campaign
knocks on a million doors a week Biden knocks on zero. Then the headline for New York, Post, Op Ed, says Joe Bidens basement strategy will backfire, compare the two campaigns and how think is doing a better job. I guess I know what your answer is going to be. I think its really simple. There is enthusiasm for President Trump, where there isnt for President Biden campaign. People just arent excited about seeing Joe Biden win the nomination in the way that people are ready to do just about anything to see Donald Trump Reelected. This country has done infinitely better under his leadership, and people want to see more of that and they love that he is somebody who fights back. Who stands up for our country and, frankly, doesnt apologize for the greatness of America. Joe Biden cant put a sentence together. There is no wonder his campaign. Doesnt want him out more. Would you if you were his campaign manager? If you were the one making decisions, would you want him going out and
making blunders after blunder? I dont think so. You would want to tuck him away. Have other people put out responses and talking points on his behalf and hope for the best Donald Trump has been out every single day. He takes hard questions. He talks about his record. He talks about what he is going to do and frankly he has proven himself as a capable leader. I think the contrast could not be clearer. I think that November will show that I think voters are very smart. Much smarter than Democrats give them credit for and its the reasonable that Donald Trump won in twenty sixteen and the reason he is going to win again in November of twenty twenty PETE. Joe Biden is on tour of Ohio right now, virtually a big bet being made by the Biden campaign. They can do it digitally in an era voter registration might matter where they are pushing out politics. This politics door to door could end up very important in key states again. I think it shows the
lack of enthusiasm. Nobody is voting for a President Biden, even when they talk about what reason they have for him. You know becoming president has nothing to do with Joe Biden and everything is about attacking Donald Trump Donald Trump Surrogates, on the other hand, have a lot of great things to talk about, have a record of three and a half years of accomplishments that they can tout when campaigning for the president. I think that is a huge difference and I think thats, one of the reasons you dont see those volunteers. You dont see those massive voter registration efforts. The way that you are seeing from the Trump campaign, I think its going to make a big difference again. I think that enthusiasm gap was something that people missed in twenty sixteen, and I think they are missing it again. In twenty twenty Brian, they did outraise the Biden Camp breaking their one month streak. They did raise more than them. Last month, one hundred and sixty five million for Trump last month, Ivanka Trump raise you had four dollars million. Just this week, virtually
thats more than Joe Biden can raise as a candidate himself. I think that shows the difference in the power of the people supporting this president versus those supporting the vice.
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