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Sarah Sanders slams media’s double standard towards women Biden chose for WH communications roles

2020-12-01 | 🔗
Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tells ‘Fox & Friends’ President Trump was never praised for empowering women and working moms in his administration.
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The first time in history, the first time in history, either party, has ever put forward this all at the mail leadership team, an all female communications team, senior communications team. This is a first history making these roles, which are typically held by men, a lot of the time its just nothing is going to be traditional in this White House, expect the unexpected and expect to see a lot more diversity. Ainsley lets bring in Sarah Sanders Fox NEWS, contributor, former White House Press SEC and author of the book speaking for myself good morning good morning Ainsley. So where was the praise when President Trump appoint all these women you Stephanie Gris HAM, Kayleigh Mcenany? Where was the praise, then you know thats, something ive often wondered look. I was the very first mom to ever serve as the White House Press secretary and instead of all the praise that theyre laughing on to these appointment s, we got actually attacked relentlessly by the media.
President Trump not only empowered me, but he empowered other women to very a number of senior roles in the administration working moms and he didnt get praised for it. He got attacked for it, and so did we ive often said and ill continue to say. It. Democrats always want to talk about the war on women, but the real war being waged against women is by Democrats and the media that attack conservative women and anybody who has supported this president. It is absolutely outrageous and the media bias is on full display and I think it is absolutely absurd and sad what theyre doing, and I think what we can expect them to continue to do. Unfortunately, Brian, so you dont think any of these women will have trouble eating in a restaurant or dropping their kids off at school. Sarah, you dont, think any of the women will need, I hope, secret service protection. Like you, my guess is theyll all be. You know given softball questions and praised for the fact that they showed up for work
again. Not only was I the first mom but the other two press secretaries that followed me were also moms. This is a president who has empowered women and empowered working moms in his administration and actually put forward policies that helped women across the country. Do better, we saw more women going back to work. We saw more women taking on bigger roles and jobs across the country. Under this administration he never got praised for it, and I think it is absolutely outrageous that this is taking place, Steve yeah, Sarah. What did you make of the fact? Speaking of press teams, the Biden Press team announced yesterday that apparently on Saturday, the former vice President President Elect broke part of his foot playing with his dog. They said, but he didnt go to the hospital or didnt go to the doctor for the scans and stuff until a day later- and we were talking to Joe Concha a
little while ago about how some MSNBC reporters say that the Biden team wasnt as forthcoming as they should have been, what do you make of the transparency there? Well, my guess is theyll give him a free pass like theyve done on everything else. During the campaign over the last year and a half they dont push for questions. We saw them celebrating a group of journalists in the press pool celebrating that they got Donald Trump. To answer a question: hes the most accessible president: in: U Dot S history, getting him to answer a question is not a heroic feet but getting Joe Biden to answer a question be. I hope that they will push him hold him accountable and ask him real questions and do that of his team around him over the coming weeks, and certainly at least try to put some of the pressure that they constantly put on this President day in and day out, Ainsley lets talk about the divide and the Democratic party. Remember when AOC posted that picture of her giving the death stare to Joe Manchin from behind
Steve that one Ainsley thats the picture. She posted that on November, twelve and Joe Manchin was interviewed working on the coronavirus relief package and was interview Ed and he talked about the numbers are so close. He said theres a point where I was wondering. If questioning myself, should I even be a lawmaker and should I get out- and he said now- hes happy that they are more CE ntrists in the Democratic Party and he feels like he can work with the Republicans like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins and LISA Murkowski, and he said this to the reporter talking about AOC. I guess she put the dagger stare on me. I dont know the young lady. I never met her shes, not that active with her bills or in committee and shes more active on twitter than anything else. Is that true, is that the rumor in d, dot, c or actuality in d dot c? Certainly I think that thats the belief of a lot, but what Joe Biden Mansion may not
know- and I think the really big takeaway here is aoc- is actually controlling a large base of the Democrat Party. They have moved so far to the left. That is the future of who the Democrat Party is and thats the direction that they have decided to go, and one of the main stickier heads that they decided will represent their party, whether he likes it or not. Aoc represents where their party is right now, and that is the far radical left. The Democrats, like Joe Biden and others, have shown they are either too weak or too in capable of standing up to that far left of their party and will continue to cave to them day after day as they have over the last year and a half Brian. Maybe if he comes out of that reality hell become a republican and make everybody in West Virginia Happy, because the President won by like.
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