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Scalise: We're very far apart on COVID-19 relief, liberals want to leave no cause behind

2020-08-03 | 🔗
Democrats want to add more debt for things that have nothing to do with coronavirus, Republican House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise says.
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We have six hundred dollars. They have a two hundred dollars proposal which does not meet the needs of Americas working families. There is obviously a need to support workers support the economy. On the other hand, we have to be careful about not piling on enormous amounts of debt for future generations. Negotiations set to resume on Capitol Hill today, as the dead lock continues between the White House and Democrats over extending unemployment benefits. So will they reach a compromise on covid relief? Any time soon lets ask House Minority WHIP Steve Scalise, sir. Thank you for joining the program this morning, very different views of you who we provide relief to the american people right now. Of course, Democrats put forth the Heros ACT and three dollars trillion its got: money for the Post office, money for mailout ballots, money for blue states and pension funds. You are focused on a more tailored version. Where are we right now right?
Clearly, we are very far apart. You know you just mentioned Speaker Pelosis. You can call it. No liberal cause left behind act that they filed says you where they really want to go. Our focus has been on helping people get back on their feet, helping schools and businesses safely reopen what theyre talking about. I mean over a trillion dollars now they want to use to bailout states that were failing before covid. You are talking about mailing ballots, election ballots to people illegally on voter roles, thats. What does that have to do with Covid first of all, but it shows their priorities very big difference between the sides. We really can be doing a lot of things by the way over five hundred dollars billion of existing money that we already spent in the Cares act that hasnt been spent. That can be more flexibly used for states to help schools reopen safely buying supplies like masks and hand sanitizer to help small businesses get back on their feet to help people that are struggling. All of that is still unspent
money. Why do they need to add another three dollars trillion of debt? To do all of these things that have nothing to do with Covid PETE said one dollar and fifty cents trillion still five hundred dollars billion PETE five hundred billion out there. That could be used. This is turning into a blame game, though representative. They want to make it look like Republicans dont care. Yet there has been an attempt to temporarily extend this unemployment benefit, while negotiations are ongoing. How do you effectively cut through that blame game and provide a contrast of vision between the parties? Did you go back to looking at the actual legislation that the both sides have filed and you look at every bill that they filed has included again mailing ballots election ballots to people illegally on roles? The green new deal kind of thing where you are telling airplanes what kind of carbon emissions they have to have? Every airplane I have felony on in the last few weeks, is barely
half full theythey are struggling to stay alive. This we dick Columbus stuff focus on helping families helping small businesses along parents. Dont want to be home coolers again for another semester, when there are clear guidelines from CMS Cdc, as well as from the American Academy of Pediatrics thousand safely reopen schools. They also talk about the damage you are doing to kids by not reopening and if a school system doesnt want to safely reopen how about you, let the money follow the child, so the that patient has child, so the that patient has otherparent has otherchoices whe educate your child. That should be a fair debate to put on the table as well as this goes on. Representative working class people are feeling the pinch. There is pain involved here you gte the sense that pain is the leverage that Democrats have and ultimately their guide post is November. Third, do you get the sense that this is all very political,
well, its blatantly political by the Democrats, and you saw them block again on the Senate floor, the ability just to bring up a bill for debate because they want to squeeze that leverage as tight as possible on working families who are struggling. People are sick and tired of those kind of games. If you have differences on a bill and its up there for debate in the Senate, then bring up the bill and debate it thats. What Senate was there to do to debate legislation instead? Chuck Schumer continues to block every piece of legislation while adding up the price of any kind of bill that he wants to bring. The bailout failed states to do all of these things that have nothing to do with covid people. I think people are watching and are sick of it. They at least appreciate that President Trump is trying to negotiate. While is he also taking decisive action to keep people safe to come out with more guidelines? Again, you look at the new guidelines. This Trump administration has come out with, for things like how to safely reopen schools showing how you can do it
by the way. Most school systems are following those guidelines and then have you got some teachers unions saying they would rather be out protesting p than teaching kids in the classroom ten feet apart with masks on which is completely safe, PETE. We shall see.
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