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Schools unlikely to fuel coronavirus surge, report says

2020-10-24 | 🔗
The New York Times reports schools may not be a source of spreading of the coronavirus.
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Will welcome back the new will welcome back the New York Times sought with a report this week that admits, schools do not appear to be fueling the coronavirus surges saying so far. There is little evidence of that happening. Meanwhile, schools are grappling with tough restrictions with run charter school in no claiming city Hall is trying to charge hem half a million dollars in cleaning and maintenance costs simply to use their athletic fields. School officials are calling this a hostile shakedown this a hostile shakedown here to explain, Academy athletic director. I know all of these individuals. This is a community im. A part of my sons are on this soccer team. I have known these individuals for quite some time Morris tell us what is it like to put on soccer practice, basketball practices across Success Academy, which the inconsistency if knowing, if you are allowed to or not yeah, thank you for having us will, first of all its very unpredictable, its tiresome its mentally draining for the
kids families, coaches. We really dont know what the day is going to look like. Sometimes we get lucky and we are able to get in the following day. They might change the locks on us. They are changing, building keys to our very own buildings. They are essentially not allowing us to enter our very own buildings, even calling coming on coaches and threatening to call coming on kids. You know this is a way we ought to treated our kids. Our black and brown kids im extremely saddened and disappointed with what im witnessing will majority of students in this program. As you point out, are minority students Mosa good Luck today, another big game today, whats it been like training through the pandemic and trying to get back on the field. I feel like. We have missed a lot of my friends and teammates. We miss seeing each other. We miss the coaches, we miss all these practices and out there is such long months after the tiresome year of twenty twenty I feel. Like you know, we was
all really relieved to hear that we were able to get back now. Hearing that oh, we are getting back and the next thing the locks are changed and they are starting to call police on us. Its very disturbing, like you know, especially you know us young kids, its, like you know we were trying to have positive sense within our lives. Now, as two thousand and twenty has been a year full of barriers, and now yet we come to another one within our yeah Tiffany. We are both a part of this community. I have heard you describe it as a family. Tell me what this organization this soccer community has meant to you. You have three boys in Success Academy. Two in the soccer program whats, it meant to you thanks. Will this program is family? This is also an opportunity for my boys and its, not one that can be bought the Success Academy network soccer team. These boys have put in sweat, equity and girls as well. Let me say that this program will lead
them directly toward their goal is to play soccer on a higher level, which will be either collegiate or professional will right, most private clubs. Most suburban clubs are training, as we speak really quickly, Boris. This is what the Department of Education, New York, DOE property afterwards are required to pay frees due to increase, cost staffing schools during a pandemic. Unfortunately, without addiditional resources from the federal government, we had to make hard decisions to raise after school fees across the board community based programs and charter schools. They are sailing, they need money for cleaning fees, thats why they are locking you out. First of all, this caught us all by surprise, especially because we didnt have to pay for this. For the last fifteen years, it sill illegal its against the state education law. The law is explicit. On our side. Look, we are not even using indoor facilities where they are cleaning. We are only using fields. At the end of the day, all we need are the keys to the gates, so we can
go in and out of field which are again not being cleaned, its only being cleaned indoors. You know what, if Mayor De Blasio is able to figure out one hundred and five dollars million for yellow buses to be shovel shuttling around New York City with empty seats. You know, if you can figure out a way to take care of this permit which again have been paid by the city and not charter schools. Will we got to winding it up professional soccer, professional speaker whats, the long term plan for you here. My long term plan is to become a professional soccer player will keep public speaking on the back burner. You are good at.
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