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Scientific panel urges schools to reopen full time

2020-07-18 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat weighs in.
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Animals who would never radically you she calls for defunding american schools to open full time. According to the sciences of medicine, opening schools provide families beyond education, including by providing child care full services, schools risk children falling behind and Exsass Diser Baghtd Educational iniquities. This comes as the economists warns that the risk of keeping schools closed far outweigh the benefits here to react and weigh in Fox NEWS medical contributor, Dr Janette Nesheiwat, welcome to the show, as always thank thank you Jedediah. What do you make of the Science of Academy school medicine on reopening? I completely agree with them. This is a well respected organization, and I agree. The benefits of having children in the classroom far outweigh the risk of coronavirus. A study out of Britain shows that these children, under the
age of ten especially, are one thousand times less likely to die from coronavirus than someone who is over the age of sixty five. Look at the science and the facts also take easy, simple understanding: children, especially under the age of ten. They cannot learn efficiently and successfully online. They need that social interaction with their teacher and classmate that allows for psychological development teachers are more than educators. They are our childrens protectors. They are our eyes when were not around. They can hear and see if child has any problems with their vision with their behavior any issues that they can present to the parent to further investigate so thats one issue. The other issue is, you know, physically emotionally nutritionally some children, only hot meal might be at school. They may suffer from abuse, sadly at home, so there is a lot more than just an education that they get at school and very important. I do
agree that we need to open, especially if there is an area of low prevalence of viral transmission. Jedediah, no question that in person instruction has significant benefits. One thing that in this aforementioned organization talks about are common sense measures of reopening they talk about social distancing and mask wearing for kids in elementary school and up older than the age of two. I believe. So. What should that look? Like? Should schools just reopen without any safety measures in place? Should they, you know, take certain safety measures? What should those measures be sure every school, depending on your community, depending on level of prevalence of this virus in the community, should have a plan or protocol in place? It depends on where you are and depends on the angeght child of the student, its really difficult to have elementary school kids physical distance, but you do the best you can. Some of the most important
things we can do are simple measures like hand washing disinfecting the classrooms. Ryu teenly do the best you can with spacing out the desk. Try to conduct outside outdoors, where there potential tenly may be a less risk of transmission. Do temperature checks check on the temperature throughout the day? How are they feeling normal behavior? Do they seem sluggish all these little things together can fight the transmission of this virus, especially if you have maybe one child who might be ill. Its also important for the teachers, the school to have a plan and protocol in place. What if a student gets sick? What will they do? What if a teacher gets sick whats the protocol and plan in place, not a one size fits all depends on where you are the age of the student, I think its definitely doable. We have seen it successfully happen in Germany in Sweden. They have reopened successfully without large outbreak in their schools, so it can be done. We have to
have a plan and protocol and well structured plan in place, Jedediah yeah, obviously a very challenging time and another colonel is teacher to teacher transmission teacher to administrator transmission, lots to think about classroom being an extremely unique setting. Thank you doctor. As always for.
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