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Scott Dane on addressing RNC: An honor to bring a voice of the American timber industry to stage

2020-08-27 | 🔗
Scott Dane, executive director of Associated Contract Loggers and Truckers of Minnesota, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Kennedy and more joining us for jam packed Americas newsroom top of the hour Ainsley. We will be watching executive director praising President Trump for rebuilding his industry. Logging has been a part of great american story from the beginning. With the last time Joe Biden was in the White House, Minnesota lost half of its mills, thousands of jobs and experienced nearly a decade of decline under President Trump we have seen new recognition of the value of forest management and weve. Seen new support for our way of life with strong, back and strong work ethic can build a strong middle class. Ainsley Scott. You did a great job, congratulations! Scott! Thank you very much Ainsley. I know that was so important to you historic moment for you. Why was it important for you to share your message? Scott, well, real, quick im, glad that when you did the introduction you mentioned that im executive director. I
noticed last night, some of the tv stations identified me as logger and trucker im, not a logger or trucker. I, like most people, couldnt, do their job, but back to the opportunity. It was an honor and privilege. Last night, to represent the loggers and truckers of Minnesota and bring a voice of the american timber industry to the national stage and no more appropriately than a night that recognized american heros, the logging industry, the truckers. These are the guys that get up the day before the sunrise they go out. They work until after dark every single day of the week. Quite often they just do their job. They dont get any recognition or attention, but during challenging times right now, it was important to bring their voice their presence to the national stage Ainsley. How did it feel? What was it like being up there?
Scott? Well, you can imagine. It was somewhat intimidating. No question about that. We are all out of our element when we do that kind of thing. Im back here in Minnesota. Now in the northwoods, enjoying our way of life, which is quite bit simpler. When you get these opportunities, you need to step up Ainsley yeah Scott, not only for the industry to represent them and tell their story, but also to give credit to President Trump for what he has done and weve been working with. President Trump and the administration since day, one in fact I was at the inauguration sitting next to me- was your Fox host Kennedy at the inauguration. I knew we had good seats laughter, the duck dynasty behind Us Ainsley. I know we are out of time. Our show is almost over im. So sorry, Scott, excellent job and people are saying this morning. Hollywood and Democrats go
together and the president.
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