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Sean Hannity breaks down what's at stake in the 2020 race and discusses his new book on 'Fox & Friends'

2020-08-04 | 🔗
Sean Hannity, author of 'Live Free or Die,' joins 'Fox & Friends' on book release day.
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Ainsley, you think you are getting hit with hurricane and you get fire. You get fire thats, a double whammy: thats, a double whammy live for your guy America, thanks for having me appreciate being on the show, as always, im shocked that your producer Gavin didnt, have a marching band super bowl, Marchs bands, Ainsley, we knew you were going to go there. Congratulations number one on Amazon already Sean. By the way we have the greatest audience. We dont get the cameras. Without them they support our books and and theres so much at stake, and I would hate to think of what this country would be like without alternative news source. We have talk, radio, a lot of
conservatives and we have fox and the rest of them yeah. They are all fake news dominated by the propaganda wing of the New Democratic Socialist Party Brian. You already did the impossible. Last night, your show to interview from Lauras show no one thought that was possible. Even Regis, Philbin didnt do that Ainsley hes feeling jealous Sean, then for Tucker Brian. I would love to be big enough to do morning show without a tie and Sean Hannity proved it can work Sean. I have to ask you. You believe that the countrys future is at stake if Donald Trump does not win, but a lot tougher for him today, because a major endorsement went to Joe Bidens Way and theres no marching band for this, because I dont know any communist tunes, but Bob Laughter,
Brian Head of Revolutionary Communist Party hes come out with an endorsement and it is Joe Biden, so the communist vote will not go to Donald Trump. He said, Biden is better than Trump in any meaningful way, except is not better than Trump in a meaningful way, except hes, not trump, so he goes on with his communist hyperbole. This does not help Joe Biden with the image on the social left. Does it Sean im watching this, and this should not surprise, and we have the smartest argument. I argue by far- and I shouldnt surprise anybody- maybe the canary in the coal mine, remember when Joe Lieberman happened to be national defense, strong against radical extremist islamic extremists, and he got rejected. That was the beginning of where
we are now think about this election. This is the most radical of any major two parties, Joe Biden, that we have ever seen. I think this is born out of fear, which bodes well for the President reelection chances, and that is that they have now gone hard. Core left wing, hes, now sign to Bernies agenda of radical socialism and pledging trillions of taxpayer dollars to go to new green deal to appease AOC Bozo, as I call him Beto Orourke gun policy, and then you have AOC Schumer Pelosi and Biden. We sent Lawrence Jones. What is his one accomplishment hes been in the swamp fifty one years. I can give you chapter and verse
on what Donald Trump has done. Three and a half years and hes been a transformative president, if theres three way of conservatism in America and I as a registered conservative, believe conservatism work for we, the people, it would be Ronald Reagan, Newt, Gingrich, contract with America. We come to power for the first time in forty years, and the next wave is Donald Trump and interestingly, I had so many people back when Donald Trump was running. I put all of my conservative credentials on the line. I had known him for twenty five years. He really is probably the most transparent president in our lifetime. By far because everything he said he would do in twenty. Sixteen he has done. Nobody has been better for Israel. Nobody has been better for religious freedom. He followed through on tax cuts and and ending burdensome regulation. He followed through on found
ways of building four thousand and twenty miles of wall by election day. Judges, you name it you name it all of these are key decisions and he put the travel ban in effect, ten days after the coronavirus started its incalculable. How many lives hes saved? This is a guy that kept his promises. Joe Biden, let me very kind about this here is the fair question: does he have the mental alertness, strength and stamina for the toughest hardest job in the world, and the answer is obvious: no, when Lawrence went out and asked those people, what has Joe Biden accomplished, they cant name a single thing in fifty one years. Brian. Can we hear some of that since you paid for Lawrence to do it right now? I will pay for the rights this morning. Okay, what would you say its Joe Biden, signature accomplishment in President Obamas righthandman thats enough for you definitely
I dont know what hes a nice man and smiles a lot. What would you hay is his number one accomplishment people come together better than, of course, Donald Trump Biden is the guy its unfortunate thats all we have now Sean think about those answers. He was Obamas Righthand man, okay, hes, nice and smiles hand on a second. I will nice and I will smile, and will you elect me presidents, great qualities, to have for sure which I dont buy hes creepy to me, we have all seen the videos. Okay, if you cant name a single, defining accomplishment of Joe Biden in fifty one swamp years. Why would we ever give this guy a promotion? He has changed positions its going to be interesting because the Democratic Party always plies identity. Politics
here is a guy Pelosi Schumer, both Clintons and Biden, all both Clintons and Biden. All praise the former Klansman KKK Byrd, Joe Biden, was speaking on integration. He didnt want schools and sending kids to school. That would become his words a racial jungle. Can you just stop for a second and ask yourself what would happen how the media in this country would react if, in fact, that was Donald Trump, that said those things PETE Sean speaking of the media, of course, Joe Biden, one accomplishment, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four crime bill, hes running away from as fast as he can April. Ryan. Shes often in n the April Ryan shes, often in N, the White House Press briefing room watch the clip on Sunday theres a split screen on January 20th, two thousand and twenty. If Joe Biden is going to be the 46th
president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that. Pete lunatic narrative that hes a dictator that he will never give up power. As he simply points out, we will have serious problems with mail out ballots that are. We are pushing out to voters that we cant account for Sean. We better make sure we have integrity. I would have lawyers in every swing state now today and make sure that we have election integrity. I actually put up on my website hannity dot com. This is informational, interactive map, so you know when early voting start. How do you go about absentee votes and if you have Senate race this year, very very important. The fact that this country, its such a disservice, thats fake
news CNN and they are allowing that bizarre conspiracy, theory weve, had Lets sigh Clyburn and Pelosi, comparing the president to fascist and using Hitler. Analogies Brian Mussolini Sean. We saw obamas speech. This party is not your dad grandmas Democratic Party. This is the most extreme party that we have ever seen, and the saddest thing is the mob in the media for CNN to allow that to happen and the Democratic Party they have lied to this country since the day. Donald Trump and Melania Trump came down that escalator everything that they said about Russia. Russia was a lie. It ends up that there was russian interference that was Hillary Clintons paid for dossier. That was then used to commit premeditated fraud on FISA Court to spy on candidate
and then transition team, Trump and deep into presidency these how they get away with these bizarre conspiracy theories and hoaxes. This is like every second of the day. I dont know what it is. Donald Trump more than any other politician that I have watched in my lifetime has uncanny ability to live in peoples. Minds I say it all of the time if Donald Trump cured cancer theyd still say well, he manufactured it in a lab in Wuhan Province in China. Those, but the upside of this is this: if every single person watching this program- and this is what I wrote- live- free or die in american war- I talk about my mind, heart and soul, but I will tell you that risk but upside, and if the people in the country reject three
and a half years what they have done to this country, we know with the Russia, hoax and ukrainian duplicity quid pro quo, Joe and zero experience hunter. They ignore all of that and reject socialist policies of Biden. Bernie here is the Good NEWS. America. We are going to go back to setting record low unemployment, itll, be peace through strength, not appeasement and will secure the borders and remain energy, independent and save millions of jobs in energy sector. Under AOC and bidens plan we will eliminate and America will remain the shining city on a hill. Now thats. I only have one vote. You guys only have one vote. If we do those things, I believe this country we save this country for our kids and our grandkids Ronald Reagan- is one generation
from extinction. Okay lets not make this generation lets, protect the country, liberty and freedom created a standard of living that is the envy of the world and guess what we as Americans, because of liberty and freedom. We have advanced the human condition and we are going to do it again, probably when we get a vaccine for Corona Ainsley. I know when you write books a lot of time and thought goes into what the cover will look like and what the title would be. Yours is live, free or die. Explain why you went with that title and this picture Sean its a great picture. I actually hated the covers after I saw PETE Hegseths cover in his book, and I compared to my books. Brian, did you almost put PETE on your cover Sean? I actually thought about it. Laughter, Sean. I cant compete with. We, the people I just cant, he has got. Everybody beat Congrats PETE on the success of your good book. If you look at the very bottom,
it says black in Latin down, there live free or America dies. This is the biggest choice election in our lifetime and I believe, if the policies that they are stating that they will follow, that will destroy the greatest single best country, God yeah, we believe in God, has ever given man and we have used the power. We have used our freedom to advance the human condition. Unlike any other country in the world, we have protected also the rest of the world, paying the price for freedom against fascism, Nazism, communism, you name it Brian. So I know what you think is at stake and you think Donald Trump is the one to keep us free Sean by Far Brian okay. I got it. Having said that, you could have the better, you could have the
better message, but you could still lose the game. Do you believe that the Trump team as currently constituted election team is the winning team? And what do you think he has to do in order to define Joe Biden who, in this pandemic and without a convention, has been very hard to do its harder to to create the angst with Biden as it was with Hillary, and she did a lot of that herself? Do you think the Trump team has is assembled correctly to win, or would you like to see more pieces Sean? I dont know inner workings certain things. I will point out its sad. He will never get credit for what he was able to accomplish with coronavirus the one decision of the travel ban ten days after the first identified case in America. I mean this is the big curve
value here and he put the travel ban in effect and Biden called it hysteria and fear mongering in terms of the campaign. I want to know the ground game is up and ready. I want to know they have boots on the ground. I dont know I grew up in long Island, New York. I have natural distrust of people and if some people would cheat, I dont know we just have to make sure we keep them honest, trust and verified. I would say you know when the president is dialed in as hes been the last numbers and weeks the hot spots I talked to RON Desantis looks like its plateaued, like we saw in New York itll, then slowly, the death count went up, but then we get the flattens of the curve slow decline. We knew that would happen. It was when and not. If we get that under control, we have better therapeutics, we can announce vaccine. That would be extraordinary helpful, not only for us, but the entire world,
the worst pandemic since one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, but then it becomes an issue on everything else. You know its funny. When you hear Democrats, they like to do a lot of things that are symbolic, I say, but what they dont do results. It was Trump not Barack and Joe that did criminal justice reform police reform. It was. It was trumps, commitment to hysterically black colleges. It was Trump setting and shattering every low unemployment record for every demographic in the country. Joe and Barack. Never did that and by the way, the new, Joe thats, even more left, God help this country if they get elected Brian best luck with the tour Sean love. Your show.
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