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Sean Parnell responds to congressional opponent's DNC speech

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Rep. Connor Lamb featured during Democratic Convention; Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell reacts.
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All right, thank you. So much Jillian night, two of the Democratic national connection highlighting the partys rising stars in a 17 american key noted address. While working families are struggling, he is looking out for the people who are already doing just fine, the wealthy, the big corporations, the donors who his campaign he is looking out for himself. If there is one person who is looking out for us all of us thats Joe Biden, our next guest is a retired. U Dot S Army infantry, captain running for Congress in Pennsylvania, his opponent Congressman Conor Lamb. He was amongst those featured last night as the next generation of democratic party leaders that you saw in that montage. He joins us now good morning, Sean Good Morning, Ainsley thanks for having me Ainsley, you are welcome, combat veteran you for our country. You saw last night Conor Lamb running for the same seat in District seventeen in Pennsylvania.
What was your response to what he said last night? Well, I got to tell you nothing says: rising star, independent, moderate voice for Western Pennsylvania, quite like reading prescripted, soundbites and opening up for Stacey Abrams, whose primary claim to fame is losing an election in grand fashion and refusing to accept the result and conors Lamb, saying the president not helping the working class eight years under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the state lost one hundred and fifty one thousand jobs, the lion share of which, in the manufacturing sector, under just three years of President Trump, we brought those jobs back plus. Fourteen thousand three hundred the proof is in the numbers: Conor Lamb is not right for western Perry and he is in lock step with the most radical members of his party Ainsley interesting, because Conor Lamb last night talked about the economy and disagrees with what you just said. Listen to this, when our economy was on the brink, Joe led the recovery effort that created millions of
jobs, including here in western Pennsylvania, under his leadership America bounced back with the longest economic expansion in history, Ainsley whats. Your response to that. I will tell you talk to business leaders all across western Pennsylvania Democrats and Republicans. They say under three years of president Trump. The economic growth that they have experienced has been unprecedented and theyre, just starting to emerge from just being saddled with eight years of regulatory nonsense from the Barack Obama and Joe Biden presidency. They are just starting to be prosperous. Again. All of that is a tribute to President Trump bottom line. Is this president trump? He is charting a path forward for this country and businesses all across western Pennsylvania. They know that they know and they recognize it. This isnt politics as usual for them Ainsley, so Sean we recently got the list of those folks, speaking at the Rnc NIC, Sandmann Patricia and Mark Mccloskey. The couple defending their house with the fire
departments, Nikki Haley, Mump and MIKE Pence, and obviously Mr Trump and on the list, is your name. Ainsley listen. Ten years ago I left the military broke and broken didnt know what I was going to do with my life, and now I am speaking at the Republican National Convention. Dont believe anyone when they dont when they tell that you this nation is not exceptional. This is the most amazing country on the face of the planet. What were going to talk about next week is the great american story, and we are going to send a message to all Americans that it is okay to love this country, its okay, to be patriotic and its okay. To believe that America is the greatest nation on the face of the planet, and you are going to see that theme played out in every single speaker next week. Ainsley Sean real quickly. Tell us your story. I was at the hunt of the Bin Laden find the guy in two thousand and six. We didnt find him, but we found
a lot of the bad guys took a eighty five percent casualty rate. Some of my men were wounded twice. Six of my men were shot in the head. We all survived. I was wounded myself and medically retired. Before my time December, 19th, two thousand and ten. I left the military and came back to grad school and try to make a name for myself and now running. For conscious America is the best country in the world, Ainsley, you are an author and a dad. We look forward to see you on stage next week.
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