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Seattle City Council rejects plan to cut police department budget in half

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan says 100 officers will still be lost in the budget cycle, leading to a rise in 911 wait times and crime.
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And now no interest until January, two thousand and twenty three on all smart beds, only for a limited time for Microban twenty four PETE welcome back Seattle City Council, in a preliminary vote, approving series of proposed budget cuts to police department, including cuts of at least nine hundred and sixty six thousand dollars, almost a million bucks and layoffs for one hundred officers falls short of the demands of some rioters, urging the council to slash their police departments budget in half here now is the president of the Seattle Police officers, MIKE Mike your reaction this morning facing possible fifty percent cut. Maybe this looks better, but whats the reality of what they approved anyway, hey PETE good to be with you. The reality is yeah the ignored majority. The community in Seattle are starting to be heard and thats why we pushed out a campaign, stopthefunding dot com, and we got
over one hundred and fifty thousand signatures in one week where people were like. We are not going to put up but lets be clear what happened yesterday? They are still coming after us. We will lose one hundred officers in this budget cycle and they will keep coming from the next budget cycle in twenty twenty one, and so we must have people continue to push back against this unreasonable activism, defund nonsense, which will put peoples safety in dangerous predicament, PETE a few of the items that the City Council is proposing to cut eight hundred thousand from recruitment and retention, less officers. Eighty thousand from patrol fifty thousand from travel, thirty, six thousand from implicit bias training. I thought that was their favorite type of training. Is this going to mean less officers, less capable officers on the streets for you thats right? A rise in nine hundred and eleven
wait times rise in crime? And I tell you the hypocrisy is unbelievable. As almost three months ago, the president in city, council and the mayor were were applauding being the most progressive agency. Here we are the city council still looking at defunding us totally political pander to go say the least, and then now with two thousand and twenty one coming, they are going to be more moves to defund us for political, pandering purposes. To me, its unconscionable and, if youre a reasonable resident across the nation, this is going to be real in next budget psych, that will, we must have people sign petition to keep the process going PETE Mike. Do you think Seattle very left wing in support of a lot of the protests? Do you think what you call the reasonable silent majority change? Who represents them on
City Council on the topic? One hundred and fifty thousand signatures stop stopthefunding dot com. No, we will not put up with activism because their public safety safety they have homes, they have kids and livelihoods and ultimately, they know who they are calling at that moment to come to their assistance. God bless the officers under siege there. They are seeing department cut, but they do their job every single day, MIKE Solan, great spokesman for the department we reached out to Seattle Police Department and they responded but not have provided a.
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