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Seattle closes park to Christian rally despite ongoing protests

2020-09-08 | 🔗
Hold the Line founder Sean Feucht speaks out on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley, the city of Seattle, Ainsley, the City of Seattle, accused of discrimination for closing a park ahead of a planned prayer rally. The city says it shut the park down due to anticipated crowding from the christian event, despite left wing protests that continue throughout the city, but the show down didnt stop the prayer rally which was held in the street. Let us worship, rally organizer and founder of hold the line. Shawn, Foyt, Joinses, nows, so good to see you again, hey so good to be with you guys, good morning Ainsley. We just love what youre doing youre traveling around cities and promoting revival instead of riots but the city of Seattle. What happened over the weekend when you tried to do that in Seattle? Well, you know its so wild, because yesterday they had on Fourth avenue. In Seattle they had Antifa rioters, throwing molotov cocktails at policemen, and yet the city focused their energy on our peaceful worship and prayer rally in gas works park. They barricaded the whole park and put fences around it.
I dont even know how much tax dollars was wasted on that and were blocking this out from gathering to worship Ainsley. What was their reason? What did they tell you? They just said anticipated crowding from an event I mean we were the only event that was planned. We were the only rally that was scheduled to be there, so it was obviously a targeting and a discrimination towards believers in the city Ainsley. What do you think? The real reason is, I mean you know, theres just a bias. You know its the height of hypocrisy right now that theyre letting these cities, you know succomb to rioting and burning and yet theyre targeting Christians, Ainsley yeah. So this is what the city of Seattle said about closing down the park out of concerns for the safety of all those who visit gas works park, weve opted to close the entire park for the day. Seattle parks and recreation does not allow unpermitted public events to take place in Seattle Parks and asked the public to continue to adhere to current public health guidelines so that we can keep
our parks open. You know Shawn, I know youve traveled around. That was your 21st city. Why are you doing this and what are the crowds telling you well by the way? Last night it was a pretty easy. You know we just pivoted and we called it. A worship protest so now, technically its legal and we went to the streets but yeah. What were experiencing across America is especially with the churches being closed, and you know these godless politicians that are taking aim at the church. You know people are rising up, theres a backlash thats growing. We had twelve thousand people that gather Ed with us at the capitol in Sacramento two nights ago and its just continuing to build momentum. Ainsley Shawn tell us about your story. Did you get saved in college? I was reading about your life last night and it said what happened well. I grew up in church and my parents were both full time, medical missionaries, and so I grew up watching the move of God and other nations in the world and really have largely been focused on other
nations until the pandemic hit, and we just you know, wasnt able to travel anywhere. So I felled, like the Lord said, focus on your nation for the sake of your children. You know fight for America and so thats what weve been doing Ainsley. I know you have four beautiful children, your beautiful wife and thanks so much for always coming on our show and saying yes to our invitation and thanks so much for what youre doing our country needs faith and God more than ever. Thank you guys. Thanks for.
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