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Seattle mom calls out teacher for cancelling class because she lives in a forest and lost power

2020-11-19 | 🔗
Jenny Feldman tells ‘Fox & Friends’ there is a ‘systemic failure’ happening in schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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A Seattle mom is outraged. A Seattle mom is outraged after learning that her daughters, teacher canceled online classes because she has decided to live in the forest. Writing an email im currently living in the forest. So when our power goes out, it is for most of the day my internet from a hot spot is enough t to respond to messages but not host live class. So what does this say about the state of education in the covid era here to share what happened? Is mother of three Jenny Feldman Good Morning to you Jenny Good Morning Ainsley. This got our attention because you posted a picture of that email on social media and, first of all, whats your complaint yeah. I wanted to share this email because not because of this specific story, because we all know this is happening, allot kids have been dealt a lot since March. My seventh grader hasnt seen a teacher face to face in eight
months, so when teachers arent making every effort to show up for remote learning, it subconsciously sending messages to our kids that that relationship isnt important Ainsley. What does this teach? Our kids? It teaches them that you dont have to come to work. If you dont have power find a way get out of woods right yeah I mean parents are running around connecting our kids to online meetings. We have upgraded our internet plans and look. I understand that a storm can knock out power and that emergencies can happen. But why are teachers not working in the school buildings that our tax dollars support? Why are parents not notified? Why are parents not notified when a teacher cant show up? Why is the Seattle School District not doing more to ensure that teachers have adequate internet connection Ainsley? Why is that acceptable? What did the school say? Did you notify the principal
did I and she got back to me a day later and said they would be meeting with the teacher Ainsley thats all when was that that was yesterday afternoon, Ainsley, okay, so they go ahead. Jenny, Seattle, public schools, hasnt shared any plans on when they are going to reopen their schools and the reality is. These kids are not learning at the rate that they should be Ainsley right. Your tax dollars are paying for these teachers and paying for these schools these children. We are not equipped for this thats why we send them to school, because we are not teachers. I understand if you need to take time off because of covid, but find a way to do it. These children are not getting annual education. How is this affecting your daughter, its tough? She is a good student honestly. The reason why I wanted to share the story. Kids, who are special needs or need extra help, and
this is happening to others as well. If my daughters are impacted, I know others are also it wasnt so much my particular story that I wanted to get out there with just that there is a systemic figure happening and we are not prioritizing the kids Ainsley. You are very brave to do this because a lot of parents wouldnt do it, even if they had a beef with a teacher because they dont want it to ultimately backfire on their child. So I praise you for this, because you are feeling exactly what many Americans are feeling right now. What was the reaction? What do you think you got this really resonated online with so many people again. This is not personal. We are all in this together, but many parents are going through this when teachers are not making every effort to be professional or put the kids first. These messages are getting through to the kids, especially older children, teenagers, these relationships matter.
They havent met these teachers in person, so remote learning thats all they have thats all they have. So I do think it resonated. I had thousands of comments on my twitter. Some were negative, but many people said they had had similar experiences or they could relate, and so I wanted to share this on behalf of the kids and the families Steve okay. Well generally, I wish all the best. I do want to read a statement from Seattle, public schools. Our school districts need to use remote learning framework for all fifty three thousand students in our one hundred and four schools has brought challenges its important that the lines of communication between families and schools are open and available. I hope they resolve this and I hope that give that teacher what she needs so that she can teach.
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