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Sen. Cotton on defund police movement, Biden's VP pick, getting sanctioned by China

2020-08-11 | 🔗
Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, one of the 11 Americans sanctioned by China, joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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Research, no, that person didnt think they went far enough lets bring in Senator Tom Cotton Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee good morning to you senator good morning. Everyone Ainsley whats your reaction to this, and are we going to see this in other police departments around the country? Well, Ainsley. I certainly hope not because if you see police chiefs retiring or you see police officers retiring early, if you see liberals cutting police budgets by defunding, the police theyre, just the general dis respect for the police, youre going to see more of what we saw in Chicago the other night, anarchists and rioters in the street, destroying property risking lives. Unfortunately, weve seen that in so many cities all around the country this summer, whether its Washington, New York, Chicago Portland, Seattle, one consistent thing, weve seen is all these liberal mayors and governors think they can reason with these rioters, but in the end, its not enough because they want more and more and more, they demand that the police be
defunded and they demand that they continue to pullback from our cities. And if that happens, all you get is more violence and more crime, and the victims are innocent citizens. Steve yeah, and you know you give them an inch. They take a mile, and you know senator when you look at what chief best out in Seattle was doing. She simply wanted to enforce the law. You know if people break the law, if people burn something down im going to arrest them, but the people, or at least somebody, was impacting her and impressing upon her. You cant. Do it like that right now times have changed. Senator times have changed. A lot of these liberal politicians live in fantasy land and these police chiefs and their police officers are simply trying to enforce the law and explain to them if you defund the police, if you tell the police to pullback from certain neighborhoods, if you just disrespect law enforcement in general, youre going to get more crime,
youre not going to appease rioters in the street and, unfortunately thats what were continuing to see in so many of our cities, Brian and by the way, think about Joe Bidens staffers. They gave money to a fund to help bail out, be accused criminals who are charged one charge of sexual assault. Another one of stabbing a friend in the Minneapolis. So not only is Joe Biden really, not speaking out, not saying much more democratic mayors falling flat on their face in times of pair ill, but his staffers are giving to a bailout fund thats inexcusable, but lets talk about who could be running with the vice president. You believe that Susan Rice, Kamala Harris Karen Bass, theyre all finalists Elizabeth Warren is a finalist you have the governor of Michigan is a finalist. Would Susan rice trouble you well Brian Susan Rice was the typhoid Mary of the Obama
administration policy. Every major debacle in President Obama s tenure. Susan rice, was in the middle of look at China. She consistently councilled appeasement towards China. She demanded our military leader s in the Pacific, not raise chinas efforts to militarize the south, China Sea and create bases out of rocks in the water to extend the range of their planes and missiles. She was right in the middle of the IRAN Nuclear deal. She councilled appeasement of Russia going into the twenty sixteen election and then after the election, she was at the center of spying on the Trump campaign and unmasking american citizens who had been caught up in that most nominees face. The jury of the american people. Susan rice be the first one to potentially face a grand jury as Well Ainsley. You wrote this op ed on Foxnews dot com. If folks want to read it, but the title is China. Sanctions wont affect me much, but well never stop fighting for Ccps victims. So China, we sanction China, individuals in China. Eleven Americans are sanctioned by China and you are one of them. Why did you write this op, Ed and
whats the message? Yeah Ainsley? I guess its China sanction yesterday ill have to cancel my long planned. Second honeymoon laughter, but in the end, China is not coming for me im just in the way im in the way of all the people. I defend whether its the millions of Americans who have died or gotten sick or lost their job because of the Wuhan Coronavirus or the millions of factory workers whose jobs have been sent to China or the millions of chinese people, whether theyre, Hong Kongers or wegers, in Northwest China who are facing a high tech communist tyranny. China is sanctioning me because I am standing up to that communist tyranny and if XI, Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party think what ive done so far warrants a sanction. Let me just say they aint seen nothing yet Steve. Well, there you go a warning. Thank you very much, Senator Tom cotton for joining us today.
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