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Sen. Cotton on Portland violence, next COVID-19 stimulus plan, his bill taking on The 1619 Project

2020-07-27 | 🔗
Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley 701 and we start with a Fox news, alert blocking protesters from protest in Seattle, mostly peaceful one day after chaotic clashes in that city explosion, Beep Beep, Brian Seattle, police, releasing body camera video of the Saturday Riots officers say they were hit by rocks water bottles and explosives. Remember these are peaceful. 59S officers were injured. Remember in that peaceful protest. Forty seven penal were arrested Steve this as Portland Oregon sees its 60th straight night of unrest. Rioters set off fireworks overnight near the courthouse police used, tear gas, apparently to disperse the crowd. As you can see right there, two people taken into custody after a shooting was reported just about a block from the demonstrations. One person was injured Ainsley moments ago. Several police cars were found burned in Philadelphia.
No one was hurt, thank goodness no word yet on any suspects. There, Chris Christie over the weekend was defending the president for sending these federal troops, especially Portland sent them in to protect the federal courthouse there. Listen to Chris Christie, the governor of your state of New Jersey, most, do not believe that the riots happenings in Portland and Seattle and other places across the country that are causing destruction and injury and in some cases death are acceptable. Mayors in those towns are too politically timid to address people who are defacing and destroying their cities than the President of the United States has to deal with it its his responsibility as president, if the mayors are willing to walk away from their own responsibility, not to support peaceful protest but to stop violent riots. Brian good, to see somebody stick up for the president over the weekend, because the federal government can you watch, cities burn and say I have nothing to
do with it and put people in action and say: how can I help it after fifty plus days they go? The problem is those one hundred federal agents. They came out to help thats the problem. I think rational people know thats, not the problem. Also, there is a worry. There is a worry that the feeling and the push for racial justice and police reform that everyone was on agreed the same page with, has evolved into a spectacle this, according to a NAACP spokesperson, not to denounce the overall presence of white people at the protest. But this has become a white speck Kel, as government buildings have been damaged and octobers object enforcement. We welcome our white brothers and sisters must ask them to remain humbly attune to the opportunity of the moment and reflect on what their actions are doing and if they are achieving the goal for African Americans. So they might have overcorrected with people that really dont know whats going on. They just want to get take
part in the protest lets bring in Arkansas G Dot, Op Senator Tom Cotton, member of the Senate, armed services committee- hey Senator, you have one person over the weekend, defend the presidents action because he decided not to sit on his hands and watch. I dont know. Twelve fifteen cities burn well good morning, Guys Steve Good Morning the President halls to take action to defend federal properties and installations. He out not have to say local layer, mayors and governors should defend local property, the way they defend their own private property. What you see in Portland is a systematic, deliberate and ongoing attack from the federal courthouse and federal building. Of course, the federal government has to defend its own property. If a local mayor will not if he doesnt want federal officers in Portland, he doesnt do his job, Steve yeah in court papers that were filed over the weekend. Apparently the federal government says at least fifty thousand dollars worth of damage has been
done to the Hatfield Courthouse there in Portland, not only in vandalism and graffiti, but also the constant fires that they seem to start every night. Senator. We want you to try to decipher for us. If you would, what congressman Jerry Nadler said on a twitter video with a journalist by the name of Austin Fletcher, because he was asked about violence and Antifa, he called it a myth. Watch this violence across the country happening in Portland right now, thats a myth being spread only in Washington D, DOT C about Antifa in Portland. Yes, sir, there are videos everywhere, Onliar fires and riots, throwing fireworks at federal officers DHS. Is there look online? It is getting crazy. Mr Nadler Steve Senator I cant tell. If is he referring to the part of the sentence where the reporter says there is violence across the whole country? Is he calling that a myth or
calling the fact that Antifa is in Portland a myth, Jerry Nadler denying Antifa is in Portland, like Baghdad, Bob denying there were american tanks in Baghdad back in the day, look at the videos posted in recent weeks. People are carry the flag of Antifa and wearing t shirts and spray painting it on buildings. Obviously thats, not the only people on the streets in Portland no question: there are professional instigators and agitators on the streets in Portland who are trying to stir up violence, its a sad situation that people who want to protest peacefully or demonstrate for any cause. Cant do so without these instigators and agitators trying to infiltrate their protest and use them for their own purposes. Ainsley. The protests are set to unveil the coronavirus bill, which will include one thousand two hundred dollars in stimulus checks, liability protections for businesses and schools. What else can we expect? Well Ainsley? I dont want to speculate on the legislation
since its not revealed yet, but I want to stress that in March we did not know much about this virus. We did not know about the kind of impact it was going to have thats. Why we unanimously passed the Cargs cares act. I would not have viewed that at the time as a recovery or stimulus bill, it walls a survival bill now that we know so much more about this virus and impact. And now we know about the economic impact its had. We need a bill thats much more finely calibrated and targeted toward the tools, helping our schools and colleges and universe and businesses get open by protecting them from ambulance chasing trial lawyers or helping our hospitals and doctors and clinics get the supplies they need to ensure that we are testing in sufficient speed and volume and to focus aid on where its truly needed on some of those industries and businesses that are heavily impacted. That havent been able to get to work, people still out of work through
no fault of their own through the fault only of the Chinese Communist Party thats. What I expect you will see in the bill today and thats, where our focus will be on the days ahead: Brian Senator Tom Cotton, in the eye of the storm you like to take on hot issues. One thousand six hundred and nineteen project here is part of your interview with the Arkansas Gazette. We have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country, because otherwise we cant understand our country. Some say that was insensitive. Some say that was insensitive. Well, that is fake news, Brian thats, not what I said. What I said is that many founders believed that only with the union and the constitution could we put slavery on the path to its ultimate extension, thats, exactly what Lincoln said of Coursest. Of course, slavery is an evil institution in all
its forms at all times in Americas, past or around the world. Today, the fundamental moral principle of America is right there. In it, the declaration all men are created. Equal, the history of America is the long and difficult struggle to live up to that principle. Thats a history. We ought to be proud of not the historical revisionism of the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project, which wants to indoctrinate Americas, kids and teach them to hate America to say believe that America was founded not on human freedom but on racism to say think that slavery was not an aberration, but the true heart of America thats. Why leading historians like James Mcpherson or Gordon Wood have debunked the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project make sure federal tax dollars. Dont go to teaching it. The New York Times should not be teaching american history to our kids. Steve Senator before you go today marks ninety nine days before the election day. What is the state of the race right now? Well, you think its a close race in the presidential
campaign and Senate campaigns as well and the american people are going to be asking who is going to be best equipped to help get the economy back on its feet. Who is going to protect our communities from the violence we see in the streets? Who is going to protect this nation from the threat of the Chinese Communist Party and other threats abroad? And as we head down the homestretch of this campaign, I think they will conclude its the president and.
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