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Sen. Cruz chairing hearing on Antifa's role in violence across America

2020-08-04 | 🔗
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz previews the hearing and discuss mail-in voting concerns on 'Fox & Friends.'
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New York, in a couple of hours back to you, PETE, just in a few hours Senate, will hold hearing about Antifas role and riots across the country. Ainsley TED Cruz is chairing with what we can expect good morning to you good morning, good to be with you Ainsley senator. What can we expect today Senator well this morning we will address peace to assemble and we saw thousands of people across the country exercising free speech rights. You and I we all have right to speech and protest, but we cross the line when we commit violence when you assault someone else, firebomb a police car and when you murder, a police officer, youve crossed the line, and that has got to stuff and the hearing is focusing on violent terrorists. The attacks
are not spontaneous, Antifa is organizing them. Marxist group. Black lives matter is organizing them and thats an important distinction. The phrase black lives matter is indisputable. True, because everybody is precious life from God and the organization that has called black lives matter is formed by vowed Marxist who are seeking to abolish the police and seeking to destroy the nuclear family and thats what they say, their objectives are and this violence. We need to see concerted, real efforts so that anyone understands if you assault someone else, commit act of violence. You are going to be arrested and youre going to jail and prosecuted Brian senator. My hope is that we are going to see who is financing these eighteen to 25 year olds, who are destroying city after city, and hopefully you can unwind that and police officers have debriefed some of
the people after they capture them and before they let them go and get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, one of the thing that concerns you and the president having mail in ballot for the entire country, absentee ballot and mail in ballots, different absentee about a million youre talking. One hundred million here is the president yesterday using the New York race, which is still not decided as an example watch. If you look at the New York congressional race, which is a disaster Carolyn its been a total disaster, they have, they are six weeks into it. Now they have no clue whats going on, and I mean I think I can say right here now. I think you have to rerun the race because its a mess, nobody knows what is happening with the ballots and the lost ballots and the fraudulent ballots. I guess so. This is a small race, with literally thousands of people, small thousands and its all messed up. Brian. Is this emblematic to
what happens in the country on November? Third, Senator Senator im. Sorry, I didnt hear the question Brian. It was a good one. Ly re ask it: is this emblematic on what can happen November? Third, senator you know, I think it could very well be when it comes to elections. We want them to be safe and secure, and when you go cast a vote that that vote count and that the integrity of the election be protected and the problem with mail in ballots is some people might wonder. Why is this such a big fight? Mail in ballots are a acceptable to fraud. You know in Texas, we have fairly stringent standards of when mail in ballots are allowed and you go back to Texas Legislature. It was a time when there were a lot of Texas Democrats and there was a lot of voter fraud, particularly in Texas, democratic primaries, and you go back and look at legislative history, where elected Democrats in the Texas
Legislature were describing how mail in ballots would be used to steal votes from unsuspecting democratic voters, many of them african, american or hispanic who didnt know that it was. It was unscrupulous partisans that were stealing votes and casting them for whatever candidate had paid them or whatever candidate hired them to go, engage in stealing votes. We see in California, vote, harvesting, harvest votes and the ones they like they put in and the ones they dont disappear. Thats. What? Sadly, the Democrats have decided to focus on? I think the president is absolutely right. We need integrity in our elections. We are sitting here six weeks later and we still dont know the results in New York. Imagine if that happens in the presidential race, that wouldnt be pretty and lets not have that happen. Lets actually have peoples votes count when they cast them PETE we are out of time senator we will be watching
considering Jim Clyburn denies any violence in Oregon and Nadler says. Antifa is a myth, its interesting. What Democrats.
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