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Sen. Cruz slams mainstream media for ignoring Hunter Biden story

2020-10-15 | 🔗
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also weighs in on the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearings on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve, thank you very much. Meanwhile, while were in Washington, lets bring in Texas Republican, Senator TED Cruz hes been on tv. The Haas couple days and hes got a great new book out. It is called one vote away how a sting single Supreme Court can change history very apropos good morning, Senator good morning good to be with you Steve, so the Biden Camp says a meeting with that guy, not on his official calendar, but then again, why would you ever put it on the official calendar really disputing the basic facts? They wont say whether or not Joe ever met this guy and yesterday would have been a great time to have asked the former vice president some of these questions, but the campaign called a lid at 941, so nobody could talk to him yeah. Well, look if this wasnt true itd be very easy to get rid of it. They could just do a press conference with Joe and Hunter Biden. Both there hunters around, he can answer questions.
Is this his computer? Are these his e mails? Is this real its amazing, though how much the press wants nothing to do with this? They dont want to know if the vice president of the United States was selling favors from the White House, I mean thats. What the allegation is is that for money for millions of dollars to his family, that he was selling official policy official aid of the United States of America to foreign countries, if thats, true, that is serious, serious wrongdoing and its stunning, that much of the media wants to ignore it and, as you know, not only that or Facebook and Twitter decided to do more than ignore it, to censor it and silence it to prevent people from even finding out the facts of the press story: Ainsley yeah. We want to ask you about that, because look at the front cover of the post today, Kayleigh Mcenany, put on her personal e mail or twitter account. She posted this story, yesterdays story about Ukraine,
and then they wrote. These were their words twitters words with she violated the twitter rules. Therefore they took down or they blocked her from being able to use her account Jack Dorsey. Then later in the door said, our communications was not great. Locking the url sharing with zero context as to why were blocking is unacceptable finish. But what do you I mean? Will the mainstream media report the latest, which is theyre reporting that he basically did the same thing in China with his business partners, theyre reporting that Hunter Biden introduced his dad, as vice president, at the time to his business partners in China. They flew over to China together on air force, two in December of two thousand and thirteen according to these reports. What do you think about the censorship three weeks from the election? I think the mainstream medias entirely in bed with Joe Biden. I think their only priority is trying to elect Biden and big tech. Look. Big tech has been getting worse and worse and worse, but they really crossed a
line heres that is very dangerous. For years, ive been focusing on big tech. Censorship of conservatives, of conservative ideas of shadow banning ive chaired multiple hearings on it, but the line they crossed here is the New York Post has the fourth highest circulation in America. They did two things on this number one: they blocked all of their users. If you wanted to share this story from the New York Post, you clicked on the link and you went up to a page that said blocked. This information is dangerous. Well, maybe its dangerous for bidens political fortunes, but thats, not really twitter and facebooks call to make and then secondly, the New York Post itself was sending out on Facebook and Twitter their own story and they blocked the post. They blocked the post from sending it. I dont know of any precedent of a major news outlet being blocked by twitter and Facebook of them. Deciding the following news: outlets are not allowed to report major evidence of corruption from one of the two presidential candidates a couple weeks before the election.
It is stunning and for everyone in the media who says well its unverified. You know that didnt stop the New York Times from going on and on and on with what they say are the prime ministers tax return, the presidents tax returns and it stop the Steele document. Now that is unverified in this case I dont know if the New York Post story is right or not, but thats actually what people should be debating and Joe Biden ought to be answering those question right now, Brian, and they said there was some personal information, personal e mails and contacts out there. I think Americas gotten great at redaction. We react everything of substance. I think we could have adjusted that not everybody gets the New York Post and theres a lot of people out there who arent watching us and the networks dont cover it. The other channels dont cover it its not brought up by the Biden campaign. So it is working.
You guys do an investigation in November or December fireworks its a story. It is working so thats why its a frustrating situation. If George Stephanopoulos is worth anything as an anchor, he will bring this up tonight with a follow up correct. He certainly should I will say im not holding my breath. You know. Savannah Guthrie of today show ought to be losing their mind because if this is through Joe Biden, looked her in the eyes and flat out lied to her. If you watch the video she ought to be really ticked off. A journalist has a right to be upset if a politician, particularly a nominee to the President of the United States, just flat out, lies if they arent pursuing it. Shame on them Steve. The last couple days, weve watched you on tv during the Senate, confirmation hearings for Amy, Coney Barrett, and so you know were going to have a little flashback to something that was said yesterday, its your colleague across the
aisle Chris Coons, the Democrat from Delaware, and essentially he was asking her. Would she be an Antonin Scalia clone when it came to deciding issues and heres the back and forth? Watch this, if Justice Scalia had had his way wed, be a very different country with regards to genderrer discrimination and one of justice, Ginsburgs most celebrated decisions in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six in the case involving Virginia Military Institute im just getting at how closely you would ally yourself with justice, Scalias Jurisprudence. I do share the originalist, but in the litany of cases youve just identified, I hope you arent, suggesting that I dont have my own mind that I couldnt think independently or I would just decide. Well, let me see what Justice Scalia has said about this in the past. I assure you I have my own mind is Steve: what was Senator coons trying to do and what did she do?
Well? Look they fried to throw tried to throw some rocks at Judge Barrett. The big news out of yesterday is that the Democrats surrendered that theyve, given up by mud day. They were all gone midday, they were all gone and I think they recognize that on the merits, her credentials are impeccable, shes going to be confirmed- and you know its interesting- that exchange where Chris Coons he talks generally about equal rights, but he doesnt get into any specifics. Yesterday, when I was questioning Judge Barrett, I walked through all of the cases at the court that are hanging in the balance. 5 4. As you know, these are all the cases that I talk about in my new book. One vote away going through free speech, our rights to create size, our politicians and talk about public issues, hanging in the balance, 5 4, religious liberty, our rights to worship, according to our faith, according to our conscience, 5 4, the second amendment the right to keep and bear arms the
radicals the left wants to put on the court. They have four votes for essentially erasing the second amendment from the bill of rights and ill. Tell you. It is very revealing that not a single one of the Democrats wants to debate the for thes or substance of that the merits. They know that their radical agenda for the court is really unpopular, and so so instead they want to talk about different topics. They dont want to talk about packing. The court, which I also believe is part of their agenda if they win increasing the number of justices from nine to eleven or thirteen to try to immediately politicize the court thats a wildly unpopular idea, but I think its where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are right now Ainsley. The polls show that Biden is ahead. If Biden and Harris one in nineteen days, then what happens with court packing after that is that the next fight yeah Ainsley youre warning America about that? That is exactly right. You know it was interesting.
This week we saw the Democrats trying to redefine what court packing means. It was a very concerted effort. Their talking points, theyve got a lot of message: discipline, theyre, trying to say well, you know, Republicans have been packing the court for four years, no thats, not actually what court pack means court packing does not mean nominating a justice to fill a vacancy thats. What all presidents do thats? What happens court packing is very different. It is expanding the number of justices, FDR trued it in nineteen, thirty, seven trued it in nineteen, thirty, seven at the heart of his power. He wanted to increase from nine justices to fifteen his own party, the Democratic Party said no and resisted him because they said it would destroy the independence of the court. It would politicize the court. Fdr was wrong. Then the Democrats were right. Then you know Joe Biden in nineteen. Eighty three said court. Packing was a boneheaded idea and now that boneheaded idea, I think, is their agenda number
one. If they win on election day brian- and they wont tell you which shows they know its, not popular but theyre going to do it. Senator Shouper says everything. Senator Schumer says everythings on the table and number three Bernie Sanders might have lost the nomination, but hes going to be head of the budget committee. If you guys lose majority in the Senate, hes going to have more power in many cases than the President of the United States, people should understand.
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