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Sen. Hawley calls on DOJ to investigate St. Louis circuit attorney after gun couple is charged

2020-07-21 | 🔗
Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley reacts to criminal charges being filed against the McCloskeys and discusses his new legislation to crack down on China.
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Will you pardon them? Will you pardon them without a doubt Sean? I will do everything within the constitution of the State of Missouri to protect law. Abiding citizens and those people are exactly that. They are law abiding citizens and they are being attacked frankly by a political process. Thats really unfortunate its a sad day for Missouri, Steve Missouri Governor MIKE Parson signaling, a pardon for the St Louis couple around for defending their home Josh Hawley Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve Nobody Laws, law, the laws Missouri than you Castle doctrine whats going on. They did have the right to do what they did. They were standing on their own property lets review the facts. They were on their own property. They were carrying lawful firearms that they lawfully possessed and trespassers broken down a gait and coming on to their property, and a couple said:
get off our property. Dont hurt us get off of our area and they had every right to do that. This prosecutor is totally out of control. This is really an abuse of power. Do you want to know what an abuse of power looks like? This is textbook example thats why I think Steve the United States Department of Justice needs to open a civil rights investigation into the St Louis circuit. Attorneys office. Steve Well- and you are talking about the St Louis Circuit attorney Kimberly Garner- is the one who brought these charges. Yesterday, you have written a letter. You are asking the attorney General Bill Barr to launch a civil rights investigation that their civil rights regarding the right to bear arms have been infringe dollars exactly right, their you will civil rights. This same prosecutor has had dozens dozens of violent rioters and looters brought to her by the St Louis Police Department and she hasnt prosecuted them. She has let them go. She has turned them back out into the street, and then she goes after this couple who are
absolutely entitled under the United States Constitution, the Missouri Constitution and Missouri LAW to protect their own property, its a terrible miscarriage of justice. Is this a political hit? Job senator looks like it to me. I mean I dont know how else you can explain why you would bring a lawsuit that is plainly prohibited by Missouri LAW. For rights that are protected by the United States Constitution, Steve right, we are going to be talking about that throughout the day. Meanwhile, right now folks, you are watching the senator is about to announce brand new China legislation. Have you started a slave free social media campaign. Tell us a little bit about that. I want to challenge these major american corporations like Nike, like the NBA, who rely on forced slave labor overseas to make their products. The NBA is a classic example. All of the uniforms that the players wear so many of them that Ren doored the product
lines endorsed by NBA laws are made with forced labor in China and elsewhere. Uighur concentration camps, for instance, help make those Nike uniforms that the NBA wears they should pledge right now. Nike the NBA and all these american corporations that they will not use forced slave labor, and I would challenge the NBA Adam silver. I would challenge all the endorsers of Nike products like Lebron to take a pledge that they will be slave free, that they will not use in their product lines slave labor. We have started the slave free and I would challenge all of those corporate leaders. I would challenge all of the endorsers of these products to take this pledge. They cant take it because their product lines arent slave free. Then they need to drop the product line Steve something a lot of people. Didnt realize keep us posted on that senator.
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