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Sen. Johnson is frustrated by depth of 'hypocrisy, dishonesty' that is now routine in 'US power structure': Gingrich

2020-12-17 | 🔗
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich reacts to Senators Johnson and Peters clashing on topic of Russia disinformation and calls out the media's coverage of Hunter Biden scandal on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian thanks Janice Dean Janice, you are welcome, will Brian lets bring in Newt Gingrich Fox NEWS, contributor, former speaker of the house, author of Trump and Americas Future Newt? How are you im doing great? I must say you have to wonder how crazy Cuomo is to think that you can rule out all indoor dining in December and January in New York. It will would be one thing if you were the governor of Florida, you think the governor of New York would realize it gets really cold and sometimes it gets really snowy and his orders make no sense. Brian Newt, you are mistaking him for someone who cares, someone who actually talks to business people. I was talking to two or three restaurant owners yesterday and they said the worse thing is they have no communication and they walk around with these hired workers and at the drop of a hat they will say: youre shut down, take your license and you could be as tough as you want, but when they take that license and shut you down, you are done,
Ainsley tell them. What RON Desantis said in Florida said. I got your back brain Brian, totally different attitude. People will never forget that Desantis actually cares about people. Cuomo cares about one person, Cuomo Brian. Let me bring you to what happened yesterday. I know you have seen a lot of fireworks. Personally, I thought this exchange was something I dont think I have ever seen before. Nor might I not see repeated Senator Johnson and ranking member Senator Peters from Michigan, going at it clearly bad blood dating back to the whole rush hoax. Listen. I just have to point out that the purveyors of russian disinformation, Hillary Clintons campaign, the Dnc, the Steele dossier, the ranking member Peters, accusing Senator Grassley, and I of disseminating russian disinformation thats where the disinformation is coming. Mr chairman, I have got it respond to that. Why? Well one I had nothing to do with this report. You lied repeatedly.
I did not. You lied repeatedly in the press that I was spreading russian disinformation and that was outright lie and I told to you stop lying and you continued to do it. Mr chairman, this is not about airing your grievances. I dont know what rabbit hole you are running down. You talked about russian disinformation. Brian, Mr Speaker put this in perspective. That was real life exchange. This guy has had it. This guy was a plastics executive. He was as mild as it. God are a he got to see the underbelly of government thats. What we left with Senator Johnson is incensed about whats going on. He should be incensed. The american people are watching their country being stolen away from ELM this watching the Chinese become dominant. They are watching a level of penetration, thats unimaginable they are watching Pelosi put Swalwell on the intelligence committee after she had been told by the FBI that he had been hanging out with a woman who was a chinese professional spy.
Will they are watching? The Democrats lie about virtually everything you know people say: oh, we should now make nice. We have spent four years with people like Peters lying about us. Attacking us trying to beach is the president. We have had the fbiing commit crimes to try to destroy General Flynn, and you look at all this stuff and still dealing with now in the election. What you have a total crerpship, what you have a total Crerpship Bycensorshipby media and tech, Co Von a manufacturer. He ran to solve problems, he ran to create jobs, and I think he is totally frustrated by the depth of hypocrisy and Dismonday HUN necessary city that is unfortunately, now the routine and the power structure in Country Steve. Well, as it turns out the Hunter Biden story before the election was not russian disinformation,
there actually is now Hunter has admitted a criminal investigation into his taxes. Nonetheless Newt you know before the election. Nobody was talking about the Hunter Biden story except the New York Post and this channel right here and ever since the election. One channel Fox NEWS has been the only one who has gone out to his events and asked Joe Biden questions about Hunter. I have a vested interest because the reporter used to be a dependent of mine back in the olden days. Here he is yesterday at the PETE Buttigieg event where he asked the former. Vice President President elect about his son Hunter Biden Watch. Are you confident your son Hunter did nothing wrong im, confident, okay, so he thinks he is confident that nothing happened on the cover of the New York Post today, the headline is
hide and reap Taps Rasmussen survey. Fifty two percent of american voters think that the media ignored the Hunter Biden story to help his fathers campaign thats. What you were talking about seven. Seventy eight percent of Republicans think the media Thrirktly hid the story until after the election. Seventy three percent of Republicans think Biden profited from Hunter Bidens dealings and fifty six of all voters think likely that Joe Biden was consulted and profited from his sons. Business dealings is what do you think about where we are right now with Hunter and his dad look? I think we are in one of the most dangerous periods in american history. You have a President elect who canned even tell his truth about his relationship with the Chinese. There is a story today that he may appoint one of the two major movie executives, who have been kowtowing to the Chinese for a decade to be the ambassador to Beijing,
Brian Bob Iger. You have a situation where I just printed in minus letter, Gingrich three hundred and sixty a speech by a chinese professor who says openly in a class in Shanghai. We have friends in high places. Now that Trump is gone, everything will be great again and we will be back to working with Wall Street, basically to rip off America. I think people need to realize how really deeply serious how this whole problem is its ironic that the the Washington Post has this democracy dies in darkness when they are New England, the chief creators of the darkness, none of those newspapers. None of the media, except Fox, had the guts to stand up to the New York Post oldest newspaper in the country, the fourth biggest when it reported accurately what was going on with Hunter Biden. Americans, all Americans ought to be enraged. They are watching their country
be taken away from them by huge interest groups who are clearly more comfortable with the chindz dictatorship than they are with the? U dot s. You see that if you look at Amazon, not Amazon, look at apple, which now has a rule at apple that you should say nothing negative about China. This is really a dangerous thing, Steve thats, where they make their product its, not just about domestic politics, its about the very survival of America as an independent system, Ainsley unbelievable that they dont see that I cant believe they dont lets talk about AOC, because she was on the podcast. She was being interviewed about leadership in the house and as a former speaker of the house, we wanted to ask you about it because she thinks Nancy Pelosi needs to go. Listen to this. I I do think we need new leadership in the Democratic Party. I think its easy for someone to say, oh well, why dont you run, but the house is extraordinarily complex and im, not ready, ha ha it cant be me.
I know I couldnt do that job. Are you ready to say Pelosi and Schumer need to go? I mean I, I think, so we need to to shift power. We need to make sure that we have a transition of power in the leadership of the Democratic party. Ainsley Newt. Do you think its time for those two to go? Look of course, but im a republican, partisan, I tweeted yesterday, if AOC is serious, all she and the gang have to do is refuse to vote for Pelosi. Pelosi doesnt have the votes to become speaker because Kevin Mccarthy did such a great job. The house Republicans gained so many seats that she literally has too narrow of margin. This is why she cant take Swalwell off the intelligence committee. She needs him. If AOC and the gang says we will not vote for Pelosi, she would have to step down and they would have to look for somebody else, but I think this is a case of you know, put up or shut up and we are going to find out.
There is an old rule, no guts, no glory. I think AOC talks a lot. She has a chance right now to actually do something. My guess is, she will cave and just be like herb that she attacks and she will be just another compromiser Brian. They will not have a rub: Arer stamp. There is a lot of people in the house, and you know this are not happy with Nancy Pelosi. There was an uprising when it came to stimulus package in the summer. Among so called moderate Democrats, she has a nine seat advantage tops judging why a couple elections turn out great job weave all hear the four alarm or five alarm fire which it comes to China and not going to get.
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