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Sen. Lee on Google antitrust hearing: Executive who testified failed to answer many questions

2020-09-17 | 🔗
Utah Sen. Mike Lee reacts to the judiciary panel grilling Google at the antitrust hearing on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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In the sky plan Ainsley some saying it wont happen until after the election Brian. This should not be a democrat or republican issue. Do you know they just sent out military ballots with Trump with the wrong running mate on it? Do you know that they just found one thousand six hundred ballots uncounted ballots in New Jersey off a special election that just got finished? This should not be republican or Democrat. This is going to just create chaos. On November Steve Joe voted in person, Brian, the attorney general talked about it. Yesterday I would like to bring in Senator MIKE Lee member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and that is one thing. Everyone is concerned about just getting that right verdict on election day, not republican or Democrat, but Senator you guys made some news yesterday with your committee, you decided wish going to send out some subpoenas if we had to, but have you got some compliance early? What can you tell us? Snro looks like the tonight to interview Jim Comey,
something we have been looking forward to for a very very long time. I have got questions for Jim Comey that date back to when we first confirmed him to be the FBI director. Many years ago, President Obama was still in the White House. Questions relate to the abuse of FISA rampant in the FBI. While he was there, it culminated in false statements that were submitted and approved under his leadership. I want him to answer some questions about that Steve, yeah, no kidding. Of course, I think it was two days ago, senator you were able to ask a bunch of important questions of Google, the search engine, an advertiser that we all rely on, so that we know the nearest restaurant to us at all times. You brought up a great point. You brought up a great point during the testimony and the Que as a private company. They do what, whatever the way
they ago Grey Gate things. Is that any way to treated downcustomers because he says he feels like they are biased against conservatives. There are a couple of issues here: conservative bias, question and antitrust question sure they are free to do what they want and free to be a monopoly if they want what they cannot do is to be a monopoly and maintain by anti behavior bias against conservatives, whether they are engaging in a violation of section two of the Sherman ACT. It is, however, potentially reflective of you who someone acts as a Monday, Nope police- in other words you wouldnt, go out if you had a restaurant or if you had an auto service business of some sort and say im going to serve only Republicans and not Democrats or im going to serve Democrats. But im going to be rude to my republican customers. You wouldnt do that unless you believed that your customers
couldnt go anywhere else, thats what were looking into with Google? What are your big take? Aampe way Us Google, who testified great discussion? We learned a lot and a lot of questions. He failed to answer im going to look into getting him to answer those questions through writing in the next few days, because the fact of the matter is if they cant tell us who their major competitors and what market share they have that by itself is a problem if they cant tell us why certain things arent technologically possible to allow them to compete effectively in the marketplace. That, too, is a problem. Steve Senator exit question: do you use Google, or do you use Bing, or do you use Yahoo, or do you just have a phone book? I alternate between them. I do frequently use google like most people in America like most people in Europe and so many parts of the world. I use Google frequently I sometimes use Bing or other
search engines as well buff. The point is not what any particular American chooses to use on any particular day. The question is whether they have got antitrust power and whether they are unlawfully maintaining that antitrust position through anticompetitive conduct Brian right, if I could just offer some advice on your testimony with James Comey, read Peter Strzok and Andy Mccabes book. They disagree with James Comeys book. If you are prepared, we might actually get some answers and I am sure you will Senator MIKE Lee. Thank you so much.
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