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Sen. Lindsey Graham on what's at stake in 2020 election race

2020-10-31 | 🔗
Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham joins 'Fox & Friends' from the campaign trail in Florence, S.C.
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Back and thats the Fox NEWS app, I will get the real one too thats, not a bad one right lets bring in another guy that needs no app and needs no introduction, Senator G Dot, Op Senator Lindsey, Graham Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator thank you so much for joining us this morning. I know its a busy day for us. You are out on the trail. I got a bus. I got a bus. Pete got your face on it too. Only in America can this happen. Pete I love it. I want to hear what you are hearing from voters. We hear a lot about fear. We hear a lot about doom and gloom when I was at the Trump rally last night and you have been to a bunch of them. It was all about love and patriotism and celebration whats. The mood you are seeing from voters well im in Florence, South Carolina. Thank you for having me on. I hear a combination of fear and excitement. If we lose the house, the Senate and the White House, people are scared to death that we lose the country that we grew up in. They are going to pack. The
Supreme Court make it full of liberals nine to some other number do away with the legislative filibuster. So everything coming out of the house goes to the Senate. They will change the electoral College because New York and California will begin picking the President and South Carolina will be left out. They goal to open borders, not secure borders, have illegal immigrants, free healthcare, they have four and a half trillion dollars. Tax increase to destroy our economy, thats the downside, heres, the good side, four more years of Donald Trump means four more years of conservative judges, four more years of the tax code being in the hands of people who understand how to run a business four more years of a commander in chief who knows what the hell he is doing, so people are afraid and theyre excited. Will senator lets take a look at the balance of power right now in the Senate, its of course. Fifty three Republicans, forty seven Democrats. The house two hundred and thirty two Democrats, one hundred and ninety seven Republicans.
Now you are in a tight race in South Carolina against Jamie Harrison. It has been marked as a toss up if the Senate goes to the Democrats, and perhaps the presidency as well, you named a ton of issues right there that can be expected. Senator Kamala Harris has said issue number one priority doing away with tax cuts. What do you think packing the court? What is the first thing they do? Well, I think they do awaway with the tax cuts. The economy is growing at thirty three percent. If you want to throw a wet blanket on this covid, then what you will have a Supreme court full of liberals. They will change the number from nine to thirteen or restructure the court to make it liberal. They are going to do away with the legislative filibuster. They will make d dot c a state with the same standing as South Carolina. The most important thing is everything President Trump has done to secure our border work
with Mexico. They are going to undo. They have illegal immigrants, free healthcare. Half the world will be here. They will get back into the iranian Nuclear agreement, which is a disaster for us and Israel other than those few things it wont matter. We are not going to let that happen. We are going to win. We are going to keep the Senate. My opponent is raising one hundred and thirty dollars billion from every liberal in the country who hates my guts, because I stood up for Judge Kavanaugh. I got Judge Barrett through the Judiciary Committee. I need your help. Lindsey. We are going to keep the Senate and give President Trump four more years and change the country infantry. In a way you will be proud of thats whats at stake: Lindsey, Graham dot com PETE. Definitely the amount of spending in the state of South Carolina has been unprecedented, but speaking of spending from foreign countries, we have learned a lot about
Hunter Biden and his associates and Joe Biden after what happened in two thousand and sixteen senator to the president, and there were calls for accountability for what happened to him. Do we believe there will ever be any accountability for Hunter Biden, regardless of the result here? So in two thousand and twenty we live in an America with a free press, thats, irresponsible, biased press free requires responsibility. Can you imagine if this story was about a Trump family member going around the world with a vacuum cleaner, raking in money to have influence with President Trump? It would be front page news everywhere. His associates trading off Joe Bidens name vice president making millions of dollars all over the world, which I think would compromise a Biden presidency and nobody gives a damn about it. You cant find it anywhere in the mainstream news.
This is a conspiracy to shut down one of the biggest influence peddling schemes in the history of the United States, and it just breaks my heart that the media has fallen this low. They are so in the tank for Joe Biden that they will ignore a story that should not be ignored and if a Republican were doing this, it would be front page news. But let me tell you what there is other ways to get your news regarding other than the mainstream media, like Fox like the internet, this story is going to resonate, it is corruption, run amuck and its going to matter come Tuesday, Jedediah Senator not to interrupt. I wanted to ask you, though, because you are mentioning there is other ways to make news and the larger story here became about big tech and information, suppression and people feeling like Twitter and Facebook, and these places they go to is just supposed to be a hub of impartial information and now, suddenly things are being shut down and people are being treated like children essentially being told. Oh, you
dont need to read that over there. How much of an issue is that in this election, and is that really on voters minds as they head into the voting booth? It should be, I think, its the biggest threat to conservatism is the social media companies. Censoring information that conservatives put out the New York Post is fourth largest paper in the world. Listen to this, the Department of Homeland Security sent out a tweet about walls will protect the country from gangs and drugs and child trafficking. They censored his tweet, but they allow the Ayatollah, under the theory of Saber rat ling, talking about destroying the state of Israel in Twitters World DHS is more harmful to the world than the Ayatollah of IRAN. This is ridiculous. This censorship has got to come to an end and how do you bring it to an end, eliminate section two hundred and thirty? So you can sue these people if they suppress your content. Take their liability protections away.
They are the only people in America, you cant sue when they wrong you and that is going to change. Jedediah, Senator Graham thanks for joining us today, tough race, ahead, exciting few days. We look forward to watching.
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