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Sen. Loeffler calls for bipartisan group to examine Georgia mail-in ballots

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., says opponent Reverend Raphael Warnock is ‘handpicked by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.’
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They had a three point: five percent rejection. They had a three point: five percent rejection rate in the last election. You know what the ballot rejection rate for signatures was in this election. Zero point, three percent well, four times more ballots: theyve entered into a consent decree the Secretary of State, with Stacy Abrams, thats, really polluted the database that you would compare a signature to. They failed to take people off the rolls to verify a ballot signature in Georgia. You need one person its, not bipartisan its done by a single individual and whatever agenda, they have thats what happens Brian and if you dont straighten that out, it might be impossible for a Republican to win in Georgia and with two senates seat to keep majority joining us now. The current Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler. She wants that job for six more
years and we will find out on January fifth whether she got it senator welcome. Before I talk to you about what you plan on doing over the 63 day campaign. Can you respond to what the senator said? Can you get somebody in the room to examine the mail in ballots? This time well, Brian Good Morning, youre exactly right and Lindsay is right. We need a bipartisan look at these signatures at these ballots and make sure that every legal vote is counted and that no illegal vote is counted. Georgians deserve to know, look, they went to the polls, they waited in line, they researched their candidates, they made their voice is heard and we need to make sure thats taken care of right away, because everything is on the line on January Fifth, not just in Georgia but the entire country. How are you going to do that? Are you going to talk to the Secretary of State, who seems a little? I guess different than most Republicans. Are you going to talk to the governor who has been invisible? Well, look. I raised concerns
after the primary election here in January, where a thousand votes, a thousand people voted twice and ive made my voice heard more recently. Ive suggested that the Secretary of State should step down. We need to have control over our elections. Someone has to be accountable, the buck stops with the Secretary of State and we need to make sure that Georgians trust the process. We need people to turn out for our race. Absentee ballots have gone out starting Wednesday for our January fifth runoff. So Georgians have to trust the process and know that only legal votes will be counted. Brian very interesting: you have a Reverend Raphael. Warnock running against you and hes come out and called the Ferguson cop thugs you cant serve the military and God and Mentor was Jeremiah White im, not sure thats going to resonate with the moderate Georgian. Do you not at all what Georgians
want is economic opportunity, safety and security, and you have someone in Raphael: Warnock, hes, Chuck, Schumers, Stacy, Abrams Hand picked choice for the seat, hes a radical radical. He called police officers, gangsters, thugs and threat to our children. When I asked him to apologize in our debate, he declined to do that. He said you cant serve in the military and serve God. Hes made antiisrael comments. He called Israel an apartheid state that is not only wrong for Georgia, its wrong for America. I think Georgians are going to hold him accountable for his words. Those are his words at the ballot box on January Fifth, and you can learn more at kellyforsenate dot com and you can understand in his own words how radical he is Brian Senator. I know you. Sadly, we are out of time, but you did speak to the president and he does plan on helping you in any way he can, and you will debate you will have a debate where David Perdue will not have.
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