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Sen. Loeffler: Georgia is a firewall for stopping socialism

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler joins 'Fox & Friends' ahead of her runoff election against Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock.
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Now we save the world. Now we save the world will, in the final days until the crucial Georgia runoff elections. Our next guest warns. Democrats will try to transform America if they win the Senate Griff here with whats at stake. One of the contenders, Georgia, GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler Good Morning to you, youre in the final stretch, youve got a big visit coming from the president, who will be down in Dalton on Monday. What is the closing argument youre making to Georgia voters well Griff good morning. Our closing statement is to get out and vote. The future of the country is on the ballot here in Georgia, were the battleground were the firewall for stopping socialism, and you heard heck in that clip say he wants to change America. His radical agents of change are our opponents, Raphael, Warnock and Jon Ossoff. They be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumers SAM Re,
shaping this country into something. Unrecognizable well hold the line in Georgia, but I need all Georgians to get out and vote thats. Why were Chris crossing the state non stop? I was in South Georgia this weekend heading up to North Georgia right after this and im looking forward to making sure that Georgians understand exactly whats at stake here, because thats, what were fighting for and were going to keep up that work until next Tuesday a week from today, but polls are open now until Thursday, regular business hours, we need Georgians to get out and vote make sure their friends and family have a plan to vote. Make your voice heard thats what the presidents coming down to Georgia to do Rachel Senator before I ask you your question. I want everyone to know that we did invite your opponent Raphael Warnock to the program. We did not get a response. I want to ask you about him, because there have been recent revelations from his wife that he was involved in a domestic violence indent. What is your perception of how that is being received, particularly by women in Georgia?
Well, Rachel its incredibly troubling and Georgians deserve answers to this, and obviously my heart goes out to her. This is a very serious issue, and these are the questions that the media here in Georgia theyre refusing to ask Raphael Warnock his history here with these abuse claims and also weve recently learned. As I asked him in our debate, he obstructed an investigation into child abuse at a camp that he ran at his church. He refused to answer those questions, and now the victim has come out and hes talking about it. My heart goes out to him. This is a very serious issue. Why isnt the media covering it? But, most importantly, why is Raphael Warnock not answering these questions about his role in this abuse and why he obstructed this investigation? We have to get to the bottom of it. This is disgusting. Its disqualifying and Georgians deserve answers. Will Senator Loeffler Iphone the previous couple of weeks,
both you and your republican colleague, David Perdue, have been proud of the coronavirus relief bill that was passed. President Trump wanted more though, and he wanted more than six hundred dollars checks going to Americans and increase that amount to two thousand dollars. Thats been passed now in the house its going to go to the Republican controlled Senate. So will you support that bill that encouragement from the president once it gets to the Senate? Well, will look the president has fought for our country from day one. He continues to fight for every single American ive stood by the President, one hundred percent of the time im proud to do that and ive said absolutely. We need to get relief to Americans now and I will support that. But look here is the issue. Democrats have blocked relief, time and again thats. Why were in this situation? As a country weve tried to pass that relief since this summer, Nancy Pelosi Bernie Sanders theyve admitted that they held it up because they were playing politics with the lives of Georgians and all Americans around this election,
and we have to hold Democrats accountable on January five, because thats whats on the ballot whose going to fight for the american people thats what David Perdue and I have been doing since day one and were going to continue to do that Griff. So senator it sounds like youll vote to support the presidents, push for the two thousand dollars checks, but will you vote to override his veto, which will come up through the Senate soon on the defense authorization bill? Well, look Griff! I have been proud to support our men and women in the military. President Trump has been a huge champion for our military and rebuilding it and securing our national defense and were going to continue to make sure that we support our men and women in the military. But look my opponent, radical liberal Raphael. Warnock has said that you cant serve God and serve in the military thats wrong. Thats an attack on our military and he be the first in line to stand with Chuck, Schumer and cut funding to our military.
Georgia is an incredibly important military state in this country and ill always stand with our men and women in the military, and I thank President Trump for fighting for them. Will Senator Loeffler id love to focus. Your state has been the focus of everyones attention for quite some time now, and you have some pros and cons. It looks like going into your election on the con side. There are many that have questions about the election integrity in Georgia. There are many who are suggesting. Georgia is the center of all of our election controversy. On the pro side. Everyone knows whats on the line whats at stake when it comes to your races, I believe the numbers now north of one point, three million or so votes that have already come in in Georgia. Is that a pro or a con theres so much early voting? Does that favor you and David Perdue, the Republicans, or does that favor? The Democrats will over two million, have now voted, and that is a pro. We need Georgians to turn out and vote for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, like President Trump said, because the future of the country is on the ballot and early voting is open here until Thursday.
We need Georgians to get out and vote because we have to make sure that were the firewall to stopping the radical agenda of Chuck Schumer. He wants to fundamentally change this country thats. Why im Chris crossing the state thats? Why Davids out every single day and were going to get this job done, but we need Georgians to turn out and vote and weve invested in a significant operation here to make sure that the vote is fair. Weve got four thousand poll, watchers were in the courts. Right now were going to make sure its fair, but we need Georgians to do their part and vote and preferably vote early in person. Voting you know is efficient and quick and safe and secure and were going to make sure that happens Rachel well. That election is in less than a week a lot riding on that. We wish you luck and.
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