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Sen. McSally on facing Democrat Mark Kelly in Arizona Senate race

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Steve one Arizona, Senate race, Steve one Arizona Senate race could play a crucial role in the battle over Justice: Ginsburgs Supreme Court seat republican Senator Martha Mcsally facing off against Democrat Mark Kelly. If he wins a special election, he could take office as early as November 30th shrinking the g dot, OPS Senate majority at a vital moment and complicating the confirmation for President trumps nominee. Senator Martha Mcsally joins us now from the d dot c area senator good morning to you good Morning, Steve. How are you doing today, Steve im, doing okay? A lot of people are unfamiliar with the fact that your big date is not a November. Third, you have got a special election going on here and if he wins that just kind of shakes up the snow globe doesnt it, we will make sure that doesnt happen. Steve people know Arizona is key for the presidential race. My race is key to keep the Senate majority next year, but now were key to ensure that the Supreme Court nominee goes through and that were able to shift the court for generations
to come. So were ground zero. Here in Arizona we are neck in neck and my opponent came out and said he would be with Schumer to delay and get some liberal activist judge on the bench. So the stakes have just gone up in our race, in particular, were a dead heat right now, its bad grounund and we love everybodiens support mcsally for Senate dot COM, Steve yep. I saw a poll that came out today where you are a dead heat thats. What you are talking about, which means the momentum has kind of shifted, because over the last couple days you were a little down now you are dead heat thats when you want to peak just as people are going to vote. But let me ask you this senator what about the timing regarding the voting in the Senate if the President comes out with a nominee and if Mitch Mcconnell brings it to the floor for a discussion after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings? Should the vote be before the election, or should it be afterwards? Because the
suggestion is if its before the election? U dot s? Senators on the republican side in vulnerable states could actually pay a price. Well, the guiding document is the constitution. Look I put my life on the line for twenty six years in the military. I raised my right hand and oath to the constitution. The president nominates and the Senate confirms, and we will do that without delay. It will be a thorough process. It is very important for the future of our country to fill this position and we will go through that process and we will vote. I very quickly said on Friday this Senate should vote on President trumps nominee. You see the left. The Democrats are trying cook up some delay tactics. I think people are tired of that in Arizona I hear from people all the time they want people to could their jobs. The constitution is very clear. Can you expect us to vote without delay? You mentioned you are a fighter.
There is a brand new ad. You are running against your opponent. Mark Kelly. It highlights you are the first woman to fly a combat jet. If you are a fighter im, your girl take a look at it. America faces serious challenges. If you want flashy, you have got a guy, but if you want a fighter im your girl, Steve. Okay, if you want a fighter im your girl, so you are rolling that out right, absolutely look! I have been a fighter. My whole life, I lost my dad when I was a kid every day is a gift. It propelled me on a path for service for the vulnerable and others down to the wire. Here everything I put my life on the line for flying a ten and combat blessed to be the first woman to commands a fighter squadron six deployments to the Middle EAST and Afghanistan, and now im standing on the wall to make sure the radical left did not take over our country and im standing there to make sure that Chuck Schumer is not
in charge of the Senate and people want a fighter. We care about our freedoms in Arizona, so its very much resonating. My opponent is hiding in a bunker and we know a vote for him is a vote for Chuck Schumer, which is a vote for the radical left. A vote for me is a vote for freedom and opportunity and safety and security. If thats, what you want im your girl, Steve. Well, you said your opponent is in a bunker. We did invite your opponent Mark Kelly on the program. We have not yet heard back from him, of course, not Steve. Well, we heard from you and a great discussion. Thank you very much. She is the! U dot s senator senator, Martha Mcsally.
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