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Sen. Perdue: Georgia Senate seats are ‘last line of defense’ against Democratic agenda

2020-12-14 | 🔗
Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., discusses what is at stake if Democrats win control of the Senate.
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Ainsley, that is very important. These two races thank you. Jonathan lets bring in g dot, Op Senator David Perdue Good Morning to you good morning, Guys Ainsley, Stacey Abrams was on another network over the weekend and talking about a number of people that are voting, she believes its a sign because there are eighty five thousand applications from voters who did not vote in the general election, its a big number, its a big number, listen to what she said. Two million absentee ballots have been requested thus far and put them into context. One point three million were requested for all of the general election of that one point: two million eighty five thousand of those applications are from voters who did not vote in the general elections and disproportionately between the ages of eighteen and twenty nine and people of color that signals enthusiasm for Jon, Ossoff and Raphael Warnock and signals that we understand that
we may need to make a plan to vote and deliver this election. Ainsley senator whats your reaction. They are behind where they were in the general election Ainsley. We beat them by two points. Fifty two point: five percent of Georgians rejected ossoff in my race and Warnock. Today is the first day of early voting. We are encouraging everybody on our side to get out early dont, wait until January fifth, get out before Christmas, Brian Senator right now we understand. According to Trafalgar, has you trailing? You had eighty thousand vote win, but you didnt get fifty percent. Do you believe that Ossoff has gotten to the point where he is now beating you by a point im a outsider to this particular process? Back in fourteen these same, had he down eight to ten point won by eight? Then
they had us down by five and we won by two. We just came up a you. Few thousand votes short of this, fifty percent rule we have in Georgia. I dont pay allot of attention. The best poll we have had is the election. Again I go back to that. They didnt get they couldnt get to forty eight percent. On the democratic side we get our vote out in Georgia. We will be just fine. We have to remind everybody, we are doing everything we can to plug the holes that we saw emerge in the November election and, let me remind the voters, most Republicans are voting in person. There is a reason why the Democrats are trying to go for more absentee ballots. If you vote in person, you have to have a photo id in absentee ballots. You dont, we know some of the things that were done in November and trying to make sure they dont happen in January, Steve right. We have heard from the president over the last couple of weeks. He says. Obviously he thinks that, even though the numbers right now say that Joe Biden won Georgia, the President says he
won Georgia. Given disparities and information, he has talked a lot about. He says the election was rigged them. I talked to some people down in Georgia and they said well, the president says the November election was rigged. Why should I vote in this new election if its rigged too thats a great question thats? Why we are doing everything we can with the State Election Board, the States office and attorney generals Office and the Courts Generals Office and the courts to make sure that lost Audio Ainsley may be frozen Steve? I was reading in the Atlanta Journal Atlanta Journal, Patrick Bell, who is the Forsythe? He worries about the harvesting absentee ballots and people moving out of the state retained their
and people moving to vote in Georgia. Specifically Senator, are you worried, as Patrick Bell is in Forsythe County, that people have moved to Georgia just to vote? Of course we are. I mean this is what Yang and Freidman said some of these leading Democrats come on down to Georgia and take advantage of this law. We are trying in the court to make sure resegregated all the people who registered after the November election Amend have gotten an absentee ballot, provisional ballot to make sure I come back to say this to the viewers in Georgia. If you are really concerned about the outcome, we are the last line of defense against this radical leftist agenda. We dont have to listen to us. You just have to read what the Democrats have put in their national platform and I believe Georgians are going to stand up to that. We are not going to let the road to socialism run through the state of Georgia, and if we win Georgia, we absolutely save America Ainsley. Do you trust whats going to happen in January? I know that the Fox NEWS poll shows that a lot of republicans
they dont. They do think that the president, the election was stolen. Seventy seven percent of his supporters told Fox news. They believe he was robbed. Sixty eight percent of Republicans felt the same way and even ten percent of the Democrats. What are you doing in the state of Georgia to ensure the people who are going out to vote for you that their voices will be heard and nothing nefarious will happen? We are asking to change several things. One is how the signatures are verified. There were a lot of changes going into the twenty the November two thousand and twenty election from past practices in Georgia when we didnt have this sort of problem, and so we want to go back to the way we used to do it on signature. Verification is very important. The second are these, as you mentioned, votes coming from out of state and make sure the ballots themselves before before they were separate from the envelopes Ainsley. You have less than a month to make these changes and Christmas is around the corner. People are going to be spending time with their family. How are you going to change this before the runoff
working the courts right now, negotiating with the election board, but the main thing we are doing right now, early voting starts today. Look all these intransis is occurred in November and we still won. We shut them down. Then we will not have the degree of Intransis is N January that we did in November Brian won by eighty eight thousand, but wasnt enough because of Georgias rules, one buzz term. I heard that resonates by Georgians outraged by it is defund the police clearly in a zoom call that number and that stats and bar graphs got back to Joe Biden. Listen to this, I dont think we should make that a big issue going into January fifth, when the election takes place down in in um in Georgia. I also dont think we should get
too far ahead of ourselves in dealing with police form and that they have already labeled us as being defund. The police give me advice whether we should do that before January Fifth, because thats, how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we are talking about defund the police. How much do we push between now and January? Fifth, we need those two seats. We need those two seats about police reform. Brian, he is saying, keep the powder dry until January. Fifth, I dont want the truth to get out thats exactly what they are doing. James Carville theory lie lie, lie up until the election and do what you want look. This shows the hypocrisy of the Democrats and their platform. They want to defund the police, they want illegal immigrants to vote, they want higher attacks and they want to stack the courts, but obviously they dont want to talk about any of that, so mainly what they are spending their money on there down here is attacking Kelly Loeffler and me.
What we are doing basically right now is reminding the people of Georgia whats at stake here. We wont get a second bite at this apple. This is the very last line of defense against this agenda, because Schumer changes that filibuster rule, we wont get that back Brian running against a documentarian who is for the green deal whose main client is China im running against the guy that worked directly for the Chinese Communist Party in China, and you know, tried to hide it from voters in Georgia. He did hide it from voters in Georgia. He got caught and lied about it. He has got a bigger connection to communist China than Hunter Biden or Swalwell. I mean this is a trophy that we really need to get at rubber stamp, like Raphael Warnock. The two most liberal Democrats, the put up in my lifetime- they are going to be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer in this agenda that they want to perpetrate.
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