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Sen. Rick Scott on Florida's response to Isaias

2020-08-02 | 🔗
Former Florida Gov. Rick Scott joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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By Wednesday morning, most of us are done with the storm back to you, PETE Rick. Thank you. Lets bring in Senator Rick Scott Republican from Florida, former Florida governor thanks for being here, your state has seen storms much larger than this one, but in this covid 19 moment there are other complications talk about what youre doing. In Florida. First ive been talking to the National Hurricane Center State and local officials, Everybodys ready, Everybodys, hoping that the stays off our shore well know we get some flooding. Everyone has to stay out of the water. You have to be very careful about rip currents, but the hard thing will be our shelters youre going to have socially distance around our shelters. Hopefully this will stay off our shore. Hopefully we have a hurricane season where we dont have to open up like we do with Irma. I had to open up seven hundred shelters. I hope everybody stays safe today, stay out of the water and keep watching the weather
Jedediah Senator. I want to shift over to some politics, because many Americans are waiting right now to see what happens with a coronavirus relief package. We see Democrats and Republicans debating that out. Is there some sense of urgency on Capitol Hill that politicians need to get something done, because Americans are counting on that relief and theyre counting on it to come quickly. Clearly, we need to get something done. We have to take care of those who lost their jobs and have to get our economy open help the small businesses, but the Democrats have no urgency. Last week they blocked an extension of the unemployment benefits at the current level, they blocked a proposal to say well compensate people at two slash three, their compensation. They blocked both of those the Democrats have no sense of your again system. I would like to get something done. I know Republicans in Senate want to get something done, help those that lost their jobs, get the economy open and get the small businesses again. Unfortunately, the Democrats want
to waste your money. They have already spent three dollars trillion a trillion not been spent. They want to spend another three trillion. They want Florida taxpayers to pay for New York, Illinois, California, prior pension problems prior bad budgets. This is grab bag. For Democrats to take advantage after crisis to try to spend every dime you have, somebody will pay for this down the road. I want to make sure we take care of people but dont waste. Your money, Griff Senator, looks unlikely. A deal will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, for parents ever teenagers across the count, this issue of Tiktok president banning Tiktok, which led to the general manager of Ticktock in the U Dot S says it is not going anywhere. What is the latest on this? You actually took a lead on this. Here is what we all have to understand: that Communist Chinas is run by the Communist Party XI. The general secretary of the Communist Party has decided to
clearly be our adversary, whether it is tiktok some of the apps like Tiktok or chinese drones. These are being used to get information about Americans to surveil Us Communist China decided to be our adversary. It is hard to acknowledge this, but you know were now in a cold war again so yeah I have a bill with Senator Hawley. That says that you know federal workers are not going to be able to use Tiktok as an app on their phone. The truth is no American should it is basically an opportunity for the chinese Party, the Communist Chinese Party to surveil us dont, buy chinese drones. They will surveil us that is it. What theyre doing PETE Senator youre right were in a new cold war. Huawei wants to use 5g to penetrate our companies. Our infrastructure. Will there be a bipartisan consensus in the idea of a cold war. Democrats have been much more muted in their criticism. Talking about Tiktok talking
about the communist Chinese theyre, all leftists at some level among senators, others is there willingness to stare down China on Capitol Hill. There is clearly bipartisan support of trying to hold China accountable until Joe Biden was the nominee we know. Joe Biden is soft on China. We know President Trump has been tough on China. He held Communist China Accountable now Democrats had to pivot and dont attack China because Joe Biden, you know he doesnt believe Chinas a problem. We know Chinas a problem. They have a million people in prison. Just for their religion, they take away the basic rights of Hong Kong citizens. They militarize the South China Sea. They are clearly decided, XI clearly decided to our adversary, Joe Biden and the Democrats. They have been soft, Griff Senator Rick Scott joining from Us Florida. Thanks for taking the time
we will be thinking, praying for.
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