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Sen. Rubio: Passing next COVID-19 relief package won't be easy but we'll get there

2020-07-28 | 🔗
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio discusses the Senate GOP's HEALS Act, his small business relief proposal and the 2020 election on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Theres still, they are trying to get their act together. Ainsley lets bring in Florida, GOP, Marco Rubio, chairman of the Senate, small business and entrepreneurs committee good morning to you Senator Senator Good Morning, Guys Ainsley whats. Your reaction to this can a deal get done when Republicans and Democrats are on different pages, Senator anything that we put out and Democrats and Chuck Schumer will attack and theres an election in two and a half months. They want to win their seats. Ultimately, look this bill touches on a lot of bases and things that we need to do the way the place works. We cant pass a bill without Democrats, supporting it as well, and we obviously have to get it through the house which is controlled by the Democrats and has to be signed by President Trump, who is a Republican. This bill will have to touch a lot of things, its not easy to get there, but I believe we ultimately will. I dont know if itll take one
week, two weeks or three weeks, but im, confident that we will do something thats, meaningful Steve. The meter is running because it sounds like the payments are going to be running out. I believe, at the end of this week, Senator yesterday Mitch Mcconnell said you know. The quandary we are in is right. Now America, as a country, we have one foot in the pandemic and one foot in the recovery- and there are a number of Republicans who say: look we dont have the money to you know just keep writing gigantic checks. You are proposing the small business relief package. What is in that senator yeah? I can. The question is chopping in and out, but I think your question is what is in our PPP proposal and the answer is more targeted, its available its very similar to what we had before sixty percent for payroll, forty percent for other expenses. That now includes the personal protective equipment and other technology that they need in order to comply with local covid restrictions that
cost money, but its only available to businesses that are three hundred employees or smaller, who suffered fifty percent in reduction in revenues either first Quarterover this year or second quarter of this year, compared to the same time frame a year ago, and we also set aside some of that money for businesses with ten employees or less sort of small mom and pop businesses. Brian lets talk a little bit about two thousand and twenty and the balance on the Senate is on Everybodys. Mind Democrats feel, as though mind Democrats feel as though its within shouting distance, but lets talk about the President of the United States trailing most battleground states in CBS Tracking poll. They had him back in Ohio, knowing what you know from twenty sixteen and knowing whats ahead, the unknown of the pandemic and more and China. Now too, what does President Trump have to do to
close the gap, or are you one of the many who dont believe the polls? Yeah look. I think polls snapshot of the moment snapshot of the moment. They are not nowadays theres a challenge, and I will say this right now: its strange environment because of the pandemic and everything thats going on. It becomes a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and when it becomes a choice between two candidates. Thats, where I think Donald Trump will win, itll be a close election, they always are, and I believe he will win- and that includes Florida Ainsley. I was reading the op ed. Everybody is asking about Covid and reopening and sports, and will schools reopen in the fall and can athletes safely compete? And you say yes, they can whats your plan. How can we do this? Senator game of football comes with inherent risks. If you leave it to doctors, no
kid will play football. We have to be in the job of mitigating risks, whether its schools or sports field, and we have to do cost, benefit analysis, theres benefits to opening schools and sports in high school, because they attach a lot of kids to school, keeps this of them from coming back and many from dropping out, and we have to weigh with potential costs, and I do think you can safely return to school. Well, it be on the scheduled date. Will we we need extra few weeks, its going to be different and we have to be flexible in Florida. We have option to starting season in October and we are not expecting snow in the winter months. We need to be flexible, with it Steve sure, baseball with the Marlins half of the team tested positive yesterday
and down in Miami, if particular senator, it has been a hot spot. Although we hear its plateauing is part of the problem, people not getting the Miami on how you spread it or whats going on Senator. I think part of the problem. We have large extended families. As you know, hispanic community. We have big our family for the most part all live in Miami Dade. We dont have a lot of relatives living in another part of the country that visit us on Thanksgiving and Christmas. You have a lot of family living together and you have gatherings and we have densely populated areas, households in some parts of Miami Dade, where mom dad the four kids, grandmother and grandfather all live in the same house, thats a factor as well so theres a variety of different factors in play, and I am look. We are starting to see the covid like symptoms visits to the er, begin to fall, thats, usually the first
indicater that you will see dropoff. We are hoping right if people go back to doing what we were doing a month ago, the numbers will spike up again so ultimately a lot of credit to our doctors, hospitals, but im hoping here over the next few days and weeks as people begin to sort of limit. The number of people that come in contact with they can begin to bring this under Control Brian. That would certainly help because we need sports on all levels. A lot of postponements in new.
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