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Sen. Scott: Barr hearing was 'embarrassing' for Democrats

2020-07-29 | 🔗
Republican Sen. Tim Scott says the left's troubling bullying of the attorney general was helpful to the Republican cause.
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Were confused and if you want to see rudeness defined, maybe you should take a look at this. Youve only got two minutes, sir, that they recognized yeah. This is a hearing. I thought I was the one that was supposed to be heard. I gave instructions. Im answering your question you to let him answer youre not taking. We were making narrow. Would you restore my time because the witness is speaking over me? Mr Barri just asked for a yes or no im starting to lose my temper. I am aware of protestors in federal governments. I control it. You answered the question. I have another question for you on June 19th. Actually I need to answer the question. Mr attorney general, you did answer the question.
You said under penalty of perjury. I want to answer the damn question. It was a learning moment, Brian. They are going at Trump through Barr. This is about the election and whats at stake. Isnt. It absolutely theres, no question about it. This is what we should. First notice, we have the right ag at the right time. Attorney General Barr was undeniably powerful. They were afraid of his questions. Frankly, the Democrats were filibustering. The answers to their own questions. That is obvious. It is amazing to watch all around the country. People got to see chaos in Congress run by the Democrats. Do you want chaos, chaos around America runed by the Democrats? Of course, you dont, so yesterdays hearing was only a snipped of whats to come if they gain control and thats. Why our voters around the country wont let that happen. Ainsley yeah Republicans have
said they sounded like angry bullies. They were rude, inflammatory wouldnt. Let him answer the question. It was all for show and not for substance. What are your republican friends saying about it that were there in the room TIM? It was embarrassing talking to the folks that were watching the hearing. Barrs answers were actually very clear, very concise and direct. He was not going to be bullied and that was a powerful statement as well. The challenge, of course, is the Democrats. They didnt want to hear an answer to a question and the other thing I want to ask you all what happened to police reform. If the Democrats were so serious about police reform, you have the top cop in America in a hearing for five hours, and they did everything except for talk about the issues that are impacting minority communities. Instead of having that
conversation, they decided to play politics with Americas future to play politics with Americas minority communities. They had no idea at all that they would present to attorney general about performing attorney general, its quite troubling and frankly, helpful to our cause. Steve lets talk about what Washington is trying to deal with and thats more rescue package for the pandemic, and it sounds like Democrats and Republicans are far apart, but there are republicans who are not on board because they dont think we have the money to spend. Even though this is a time of national consequence and a lot of people are really hurting theres. So many people senator in the restaurant industry, who you know they havent- had a paycheck for months from their employers. So you have got an incentive in the heals act. Can you explain how that would work?
Because we have a lot of viewers who are interested in it? Senator here is the key: we have to have incentive base economy. We have to find ways to encourage investment in Americas economy that produces results. What we are doing increasing the deduction for businesses when they eat out. That means that, instead of having fifty percent deduction, you can have a one hundred percent deduction. What does that translate to more jobs and more hours in the restaurant industry? One out of every four jobs in April that was lost were lost in the restaurant industry. That translates five point. Five million Americans lost their paychecks because the because of the shuttering of restaurants, Steve Senator, would that be temporary or forever, because there are a lot of businesses that would go. Hey sounds good to us, senator! Yes, it is temporary through the end of twenty twenty. What we want to have is have
temporary and targeted relief because of the pandemic. We dont want to have a permanent policy position that blaze into two thousand and twenty one and beyond, because frankly, I believe that we are very close to a vaccine and we are going to have the most amazing two thousand and twenty one. If we maintain control of the White House and the Senate, we will see a robust economic recovery. Therefore, what we are doing today should end at the end of the pandemic. Brian senator shows that you have a business background because youre worried about the restaurants. You also have to worry about the gyms, all the business owners, small margins. They have been shut down with no hope at the end of the tunnel. Yeah no hope, because not even in a phase meanwhile part in New York in New York, theres no gyms, because the governor feels, though he wants to control every aspect of this and being the numbers are down now. One thing he wants to do is crack down on this. I dont know if you have a
monitor there. Over the weekend there was a drive in concert and evidently in South Hampton Long Island, and they got out of the car and they were tight next to each other hes going to go and find out who they are and get the organizers. I think hes going to look to put them in jail. Is that the right approach senator thats, a terrible approach? How about equal application for the law, equal application of the law? You cant go after a House party when you have thousands upon thousands of people in your streets without masks on if youre really concerned about public health, you go to where the largest crowd is gathered and you implement and enforce mask ordinance thats, not what hes trying to do hes, picking and choosing winners and losers, and that sounds like what Democrats are doing all of the time. Brian im pretty sure they werent social distancing in the middle of shutting down the highway,
no problem there. But if you go forget God forbid, you have want to have a good time and get overzealous. He will look to video and put people in jail senator. This is the scariest thing that we could see in America is when those in power pick and choose who they want to target thats exactly the wrong thing, its exactly what lead to chaos and anarchy and thats. Why we are seeing so much of it around the country is that the Democrats and liberals are literally picking and choosing who to enforce the law upon. That is a dangerous time, and sooner or later it gets very dangerous for the most vulnerable people in this country. Those who are not in power thats why they consider leadership. The swamp, Ainsley, all right, senator.
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