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Sen. Thom Tillis reacts after being diagnosed with COVID-19

2020-10-06 | 🔗
Senator Thom Tillis joins 'Fox and Friends' in his first interview since being diagnosed.
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Ainsley three Republican Ainsley, three republican senators. You see their pictures there currently being treated for coronavirus, including our next guest Brian Brian. Here, with an update in his first interview since being diagnosed North Carolina, Senator Thom Tillis Senator great to see you, you look great. How do you feel I feel great? I had minor symptoms Saturday morning, im symptom free and I even got my sense of taste back, which is great for watching Football Brian. What did your doctor say? My doctors are very pleased with my results. All my vital signs are above average. I actively work out heart rate blood oxygen. Everything is fantastic, I feel very blessed. I spoke with the president last night. He gave me a call to check in on me im glad to see hes doing well, too, were ready to get back to work, Steve and youre going to get back to work. I believe very shortly as the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett kickoff. I read the RON Johnsons comment. He said if I have to go to the capitol in a moon suit to vote,
I will im sure if need be. You probably would do the same thing right, I think so Steve, but my test, I was asymptomatic, but I decided to take a test. After I heard my colleague MIKE Lee was infected. That was positive, antigen test that took another more extensive test Saturday morning, so im on a path for being able to be cleared. I dont have any symptoms. I feel great on a path to be cleared and be back in the capitol for the hearings. Steve and the hearings. Will you be so you will be in the capitol or youll be zoom Ing in its probably going to be a combination. I have to clear im following the doctors guidance on self quarantine, but as its progressing, my guess is. I will join virtually for the first day or two and then I should be cleared for the vote later in the week Ainsley. So it starts on Monday and were being told Monday through Thursday, and then will the vote be on Thursday Ainsley im not sure it could be Friday. It depends on. We have plenty of
time and Chuck Schumer and others criticizing us for virtual meetings. They wanted to meet with the candidate, but now they want to see all of us in person, so the virtual meetings have become standard since covid hit our shores we can go in and for the first few days, do it virtually and still be there in person as we have to be for the vote Ainsley, we saw what happened with of Kanye West. What kinds of questions are they going to grill her with? I think they are going to be every bit as bad. I had a front row seat for the Kavanaugh hearing and I think they will use their surrogates to attack, Judge Barrett, but we wont give them a pass on it. They are attacking Judge Barrett behind the scenes and what they are really trying to do is keep an opening, so they confirm a liberal activist, judge and Joe Biden. We know that because Joe Biden wont release the list and Chuck Schumer last week said: hes not going to waste a majority and expand and pack the Supreme Court. So this is theatre to shift the attention away from a highly qualified judge whose going to get confirm Ed to the Supreme Court Brian. So you have your hands full with Cunningham youre in a
tough fight to keep your Senate seat for another six years and it came out over the weekend of what seems to be an extra marital affair on a texting scandal and he basically admitted to it- and he said this- I have hurt my family. This is one of my friends and im deeply sorry and the first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility, which I do. I ask that my familys privacy be respected in this personal matter. What factors should that have in your race? Well, Cal is trying to finesse as a text, but we now have a second report and I think Cal owes the people of Nortrth Carolina a full explanation. The debate stage last week, Cal said its about integrity, and I agree his family should be kept. Private hes got teenage children, but cal owes all of the voters a full and thorough explanation for what we now know are two separate events, and he is an officer in the military hes also subject to
disciplinary action. Just on the basis of what hes admitted to Steve Senator lets talk for a moment about the state of the presidential race. It is exactly four weeks from today officially election day, although millions of people have already voted what over the next four week, will people have to make a decision upon who do they think can safely keep the economy open versus a vice Presidential Biden, saying he would shut the economy down again? Who do they think can recover the economy, one who did it and created a great economy before Covid hit us or one who will raise taxes, including my opponent, Cal Cunningham? There is a very stark contrast between the presidential candidates and between me and CA. L Cunningham and the voter S understand that, and they know we can recover the economy and know we can keep that open safely and what Cal, Cunningham and Joe Biden want to do is shutdown the economy, raise your taxes and destroy our chance to recover from the damage that Covid has done.
Ainsley senator, thank you. So much for being on with us were glad youre feeling. Okay,.
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