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Senate calls on big tech executives to testify

2020-10-17 | 🔗
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., explains why the senate is calling for social media company bosses to testify on Capitol Hill.
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Will outrage continues to grow? Will outrage continues to grow following Facebook and twitter censoring? The Senate is now calling for the ceos of Facebook, Twitter and Google to testify on Capitol Hill here with what we can expect, one of the senators grilling the tech, Ce Oz, member of the Judiciary Committee author of the mind of a conservative woman, Marsha Blackburn. What will you want to hear and what will you be asking these tech ceos? Well, they are going to be coming before us on October 28th at Commerce Committee. We had actually subpoenaed them unanimous vote from the committee a couple of weeks ago. Now they decided to appear voluntarily. So what we are looking at, which section two hundred and thirty and the reforms that are going to be necessary for six, two hundred and thirty. Now this deals with that liability protection shield that big tech has been hiding behind
and censoring using to censor. Conservatives censor many of our entertainers, and this is one of the things that our legislation to online freedom and viewpoint, diversity, act, which Chairman wicker and chairman, Graham, have eached, joined me in this legislation. What we would do is turn that shield back into something that is transparent by saying here is when you can use it here is when you cannot use it and being explicit in that also defining who is a cob tents, creator and moderator will Senator look who is going to be coming before you here are some of the ceos, Jack Doorsy of Twitter Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar Pay. Could I of alphabet
and Google many worried about stepping private company and regulating speech you are focusing specifically, I think, its important for everybody to understand on section two hundred and thirty, which provides liability if you are a neutral platform and not a publisher, telling us how you might propose changes for oversight here. Is the question senator? Why not take section two hundred and thirty away? Why not let these companies be liable to sue for what they may or may not plush thats right the reason, as we have worked on this over the last seven years, the reason you do not take it away is because you wanted a competitive marketplace and section two hundred and thirty was put in place for new start businesses. This is something that was put there in the 1990s as the internet, and these platforms were growing. They are no longer in their infancy. Will small companies but no longer to massive tech companies thats right? Will we look forward to.
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