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Shapiro: You can't trust Joe Biden no matter what he says

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Joe Biden returns to the campaign trail; 'How to Destroy America in Three easy Steps' author Ben Shapiro reacts.
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Im not banning fracking im, not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me. Brian okay, hes in Pennsylvania might be a wise thing to say, but does he believe it lets bring in Ben Shapiro hes the same Ben Shapiro, who hosts the Ben Shapiro, show and author of how to destroy America in three easy steps? Ben before I asked you, if you believe him lets go back a few months and play a different version of Joe Biden on the same topic, would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden administration? No, we would work it out. We would make sure its eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those anybody could go down three hundred to three thousand feet in a mine sure, as hell can learn how to program as well. Give me a break anybody can throw coal into a furnace, can learn how to program for gods sake,
im talking about stopping fracking as soon as we possibly can. No, if buts and maybes about it, so am I well im, not sure your proposal does that no more no new fracking Brian, who am I to believe Ben, the old Joe or the new Joe? Well, I mean, I think the answer is neither you cant believe Joe Biden whatever he says, because he shifts his position depending upon how very yet it is. The fact is. He has taken the position, no fracking at all and then no new fracking, meaning no new permits for fracking, which effectively would mean the end of fracking in fairly short order and then hes, taking the position that he is perfectly fine with fracking and that fracking is basically kind of okay as soon as he wants to win Pennsylvania. So, like anything else, Joe Biden is a politician who moves with the wind Brian, keep in mind too. They have every intention of taking the Senate. If Joe Biden wins its likely going to happen at which time d dot c will become a state, I think thats, pretty ins TAN tinafey, just maybe the Supreme Court will get a
little bit bigger and maybe who knows? Possibly the electoral college goes out the window. This country dramatically changes, as the filibuster goes by the boards. No question. The fact is that Joe Biden and virtually every other major Democrat has suggested that the filibuster and the Senate ought to go away and also simultaneously suggested, as you mentioned, adding states to the union, and all that requires is a bare majority of the Senate, so they could completely change the constituency of the federal government virtually overnight. So this is definitely a consequential election along those lines, Brian, as well as making Puerto Rico a state. So lets talk about the big rage in the country because of the pandemic. Nobody can get to the polls, but they can get to target and liquor stores. We know that so now everyone has to get a ballot, even if you didnt request it its coming flooding in if youre, in Nevada or New Jersey and the question is about voter fraud and if you bring it up, you are doing something thats
against logic. So John Levine, I was able to interview a whistleblower who says that he is not only changed ballots. He has trained others to do the same thing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Here is what John discovered this is a very serious guy. If someone who you know you could see as a very long track record with some of the biggest politicians in that state up and down- and you know once he started talking and once it sort of came from the horses mouth, it was both. It was revealing, but also chill ing. The answer here is not to abolish mail in voting, but that there are some very, very easy ways to just make it a lot safer treat a ballot with the same security. You treat the money. I could never make a twenty dollars bill and put it into a copy machine and come out with a new twenty dollars. Bill treat a ballot like that put security features like that in
Brian, he talked about manipulating the envelopes and how they can steam it open and switch it in how Postman, in a very republican district, for example, could throw out every ballot that he gets. There will be no ramifications for that and he talks about how hes done it and changed elections in three separate states, and we saw that with the chaos in New York and New Jersey, for example, in the primaries Ben. These are real problems. Of course they are real problems and anybody who ignores the fact there is a possibility of voter fraud or the certainty. There will be extraordinary confusion and chaos in the aftermath of universal mail in voting which combines the worst features of mail in voting with also ballot harvest, Ing, which means the parties go around and pick up the ballots from the people. They want to pick up the ballots for and its a recipe for, at the very least, enormous lack of faith in the electoral process and if theres, a close election and many people are trying to legitimize the results and youre going to come up with something incredibly ugly. After November three Brian, they will say: hey ill
deliver my ballot as part of my thing im doing for the country, dont give it to anybody and dont let strangers in nursing homes to do the same exact thing. Meanwhile, something else you understand- and you share my outrage in california- theyre changing the curriculum and they are moving the Wall Street Journal writes about. It suggests that teachers provide examples of systems of power which can include economic systems like capitalism, social systems like Patriarchy student S, be taught the four is of oppression, ideological institution and internalize, and they are going to teach more one thousand six hundred and nineteen than one thousand seven hundred and seventy six and its a lot of ethnic studies and a lot of guilt and the way that education works in California. Is they put utility neutral things like ethnic studies, which sounds totally fine until you actually look at the curriculum and what you realize is its just a bunch of social justice, nonsense being taught to undermine the foundational ideals of the
country, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six all men are created equally. Instead, american history is to be treated as a long and unbroken chain of oppression and Nast, Iness and thats. What you know the educators in California have been pushing for. Unfortunately, Brian you talk to someone in their 20s, causing all this unrest in these urban environments. Theyve gotten that education, they hate the country but listen Nicole jones- is an editor of the New York Times famously tweeted and had to delete the tweet in which she suggested she was happy. People were calling these the one thousand six hundred and nineteen riots, its hilarious to watch members of the media claim the riots arent happening and Antifa are not responsible and they are happy. They are happening and if they are p, ha ing its the result of America S systemic oppression, you cant hold those thoughts at once, and yet they do Brian yeah check out Bens book how to destroy America in three easy steps. Sadly, were.
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