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Should Americans be worried as Democrats continue to push mail-in voting?

2020-09-12 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock, contributing editor for the National Review Online, joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Appreciate it, we are less than two months out from election day. Two months and Democrats are still moving full speed ahead in their push for universal mail in voting, but a new poll reveals three in ten voter s feel confident their mail in ballots will be counted accurately, will lets bring in Fox NEWS contributor, Deroy Murdock, thanks for being with us this morning. Are you surprised by this that very very few Americans seem to have much faith in mail in ballots? Well, they shouldnt its a big mess. The Democrats are bringing this to us totally unncesssarily, in which weve seen a number of really scary things already just a couple. Just last week, big bags of mail just dropped off at a parking lot in Glenndale later on in an Allie in San Fernando about twelve miles away. You could have this happen during the election, and the thing is: if ballots are dropped off blank bag, lots people expect, or that have been filled outgoing in if they go a stray theres very little way
of knowing thats happened and also the u dot S. Postal service standard is for political mail that if we have ninety six percent, accurate delivery, thats fine, perfectly appropriate for them and their performance standard. So if you have eighty million ballots going out and four percent dont get there thats three point: two million ballots that might not be counted so in a tight election or a not so tight election that can throw an election not just for president, but for Congress for Senate for governor. What have you completely astray? Theres, a total disaster and the stuff? The policies should be, if youre, afraid of Covid 19. If you have underlying conditions, if youre, elderly or disabled, you can get an absentee ballot, you can send that in. But what you should not do is blast ballots, Willy nilly all across a state based on voter roles, full of errors, people who have moved away or died and multiple examples where these ballots show up in apartment, buildings, people who moved away arent there, people who died arent there to collect them and they are thrown in the trash and ive held in my hands in Colorado,
half a dozen ballots that were thrown away in an apartment, building and ballot integrity activists, retrieved them, and I could vote six times for Corey Gardner for Senate back in twenty fourteen, and the same thing happened in LAS Vegas and well see it all around the country, and this is a total disaster and we need to stop this immediately or well. Have a real disaster. Pete youve done a great job, laying this out exposing many ways. This could be exploited. What does it do to voting? If people have very little confidence, their ball? Lt may actually count. Does that mean they vote and hope? Or does that mean? Maybe they say im just not going to do it altogether? Whats the result? Some people might get frustrated and say im not going to bother what people should do is vote in person. The best way to have your ballot counted is show up in person, and another problem is, if you vote at home, some people make mistakes, theres, no fraud involved here, rather than fill in the bubble they put an x or a stray mark somewhere, the ballot is discounted and thrown out. We had twenty five percent of the ballots. I believe here in my congressional
district here in New York just thrown out because they were filled out badly. If you go to the polls, you can ask somebody: do you fill it out? This way, use a pencil use, a crayon and a poll worker whose trained in this will say. No. You need to use a pen and fill out this way and then your ballot will be counted properly. We need to get people to vote in person as much as possible. Thats the right way to do it. Jedediah thanks so much for being here Deroy on this, its interesting lots of concerns about this emerging and mostly hearing voices on one side. When, in fact, these problems with mail in voting have the potential to effect both sides of the aisle so wish, we.
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