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Siegel: 'We should have 45 million people vaccinated by the spring'

2020-12-21 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel reacts to Moderna vaccine beginning U.S. distribution.
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Back to you guys, Brian thanks so much Ashley meanwhile lets bring in Fox NEWS contributor, Dr Mark Seale, Dr Siegel, im stunned. We got this vaccine even Anthony Fauci says by the spring. We should really be will seeing things begin to go back to normal, and this new incoming surgeon general says. No. Maybe by the summer really quo its Brian, I think thats speculation. I think that we have to put our eyes on whats actually been happening, which is we got almost three million doses of the Pfizer vaccine out last week, and now this week, six million just heard six million of the Moderna and another two million of the Pfizer by Christmas, see over ten million doses out there thats in just a couple of weeks, so I dont think you could sit there and say well its going to take until the summer. At this rate, we should have forty five million people vaccinated by even before the spring, by January, probably based on what the centers for Disease Control is saying on Friday,
get the healthcare workers vaccinated, get those in nursing homes vaccinated, get everybody over the age of seventy. Five vaccinated and all frontline workers, including police, firemen, postal workers, teachers- all of these people are going to be vaccinated, probably by January, and then we can start moving to the general population. I think he is being incredibly conservative there on this Emily doctor. The great news is that we have a ton of vaccines coming out, but fourfor americanswatching do which vaccine we take and if so, which should we choose Emily great question, but you know what im pretty convinced these vaccines are almost identical. The Moderna and Pfizer Dr Fauci told me pretty much the same. All the experts are saying all the vaccine experts. I will tell you why the technology is the same. Heres whats different, the Moderna, as you just heard, can be sent around refrigerator temperatures and kept in your
refrigerator for thirty days and in prefilled vials and then have it out for twelve hours. Guess what that fits. It fits a doctors office. It fits a clinic, it fit a pharmacy. It fits a smaller facility. You will see the Moderna vaccine given out in places where you wouldnt want the Pfizer vaccine to go. Pfizer vaccine will be in the big hospitals and the big centers. The other issue that we are looking at is the issue of allergy. Now you have seen a lot of publicity over a couple of severe allergy cases for the vast majority of people, and I mean millions. There is no concern whatsoever, but we asked a question on the Pfizer vaccine. Have you had a severe allergic reaction? Could you be allergic to one of the ingredients? We havent seen he that, at all on the Moderna vaccine at this point are much have been made, which ones should get the vaccine on camera should or shouldnt. They asked whether the president should get the vaccine. Here is what he said.
Do you have plans to have President Trump get a shot in the arm on camera? From a scientific point of view, I will remind people that the president has had covid within the last ninety days. He received the monoclonal antibodies. That is actually one scenario where we tell people, maybe you should hold off on getting the vaccine talk to your health provider to right time that doesnt make you immune. There is a medical reason that doesnt make you immune are PETE, listen to the tone on that lets. Do the flip side on how the media now attacks the vice president for getting the vaccine watch. This MIKE Pence is expected to get laughter first of two Pfizer shots tomorrow. Maybe save that dose for somebody else. The only cure MIKE Pence should get right. Now is a bottle of clorox and a heat lamp lets start with MIKE Pence, who started his day at the gun, show getting his vaccine against the virus that he assured us was under control six months ago,
bearing his arms before a nation that hadnt asked to see them all sure. All Americans are excited to see me the by who let covid spread everywhere, get one of the first vaccines laughter doctor. What do you even say? Well, first of all, PETE I, like the vice presidents, sense of humor. Secondly, he is sending a message to the public on compliance im, more wondering about all the Democrats that are taking it in the halls of Congress. That dont qualify, I mean vice president, is sixty one years old. He is sending a message to older Americans. As far as the president is concerned, he told me on camera at the end.
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