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Skip Bedell on how to keep a healthy home

2020-09-04 | 🔗
Skip shares the latest products to help keep your air and water clean.
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Jedediah welcome back Jedediah welcome back as we head into fall and cold and flu seasonal approaches. The importance of keeping a healthy home is even more important here with some tips home contractor skip Bedell skip. How are you today and what do you have for us hey good morning, yeah people spending more time at home, now more health, conscious than ever before. We all know you have got to purr Phi, the air and water in our home. This is the new germ warfare. This is halo from Rgf environmental whole house. Air purification system works with uvc Light install this directly into the duct word. It kills all the mold spores germs, with uvc light, rather than a hepa filter in every room. This gets installed directly into the ductwork really effective in reducing odors particulate smoke. Again it kills ninety nine percent of all those back tier, I cant say and mold, and viruses and germs that are in your air directly on contact with uvc light. This is the newest technology and the great way on germ
warfare to kill everything in the air. You dont want to have in your house all right so moving on, listen, water purification. We all know you have got to filter the water you drink. We think by having bottled water or Brit as it or whole house water filters. We have to change the cartridge whats important is you have to filter all the water in your house because most of the contaminants in the water we take in to our skin and we inhale when we bathe and shower this is a whole house. Water filter from king was ter filtration. It filters all the water in the house gives you better than quality alkaline drinking water from every faucet in your house filters. Everything not just the water you drink, rather than a filter under your drink or say in your refrigerator, have a whole house water filtration system. It will filter, giving you safe and healthy water for the family throughout the entire house. Go to the website right now running great promos specials right now, one thousand dollars discount off
the system get it installed in your house, unbelievable system from King water, filtration dot, com, Jedediah, wow skip. These are amazing products. I dont know if you know this as Fox NEWS senior germ phone here, I could not be more in love. This part two. Tomorrow, people head to skip Bedell dot com for more information, always Jedediah amazing products, im checking them both out as.
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