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Social media giants face backlash over censorship

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Trump campaign advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie weigh in on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Doing rallies back to back to back will there was inthousand, am in the wind and in the crowd that brings us to David Bossie and Cory Lewandoski. Clearly there is a ton of enthusiasm at the presidents. Rallies on the adverse or inverse side of that is all the polling that suggests Joe Biden has a significant lead. How do you bridge that gap? I dont mean to give you. I start with you Corey a multiple choice. Question I have heard different explanations: the pollsters are just incompetent again or the pollsters are manipulating. The polls to help influence the election or polling is different than voting and voting is more reflective of enthusiasm at rallies. How do we explain this gap? Corey? I think it is all three of those things when pundits told us they would stand eight hours in line in a
snowstorm or windstorm to see Donald Trump give a speech. These people will not show up at polls. They were proven wrong. I remember bringing Donald Trump to Lowell Massachusetts in a blizzard. People waited for two days for him to show up this guy doesnt play the guitar. He doesnt have a singing voice. He gets up to talk to people. People are so enamored willing to give up their whole day or sometimes multiple days to listen to him. They will absolutely show up to vote on election day or earlier. That means another victory for Donald Trump. Will David, give you a multiple choice: question as well feel free to chime in on that also on the second topic of Hunter Biden and his emails, which the media is trying very hard to discredit and dismiss ultimately Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, nobody denied what it is. It is showing dealings in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Senator RON Johnson wants the FBI to look into why we didnt get more on this either question or both take your pick. I will hit both
if that is. Okay. First of all, the Biden Crime Syndicate seems to be broadening. We do need an FBI investigation into this. I think the attorney general may need to have a special prosecutor, because no matter who wins someone inside of the Justice Department needs to be investigating this. The american people deserve to know that Hunter Biden and Joe Bidens brother were out around the world selling access to the then vice president of the United States for eight years. This is a disgusting display. We saw it during the Clinton administration. We saw it during the Hillary Clinton campaign in sixteen. That is, it is an important issue, but back to the polling for a moment, the polling this year, every network bar none, is garbage. They dont understand the trump voter. They dont create a methodology for their polling. That is reflective of twenty twenty. They didnt in twenty. Sixteen we had what was called the
undervote in twenty sixteen in brexit for the first time it was ever seen, then it was here in the United States in November of sixteen and weve, seen it ever since, with over the last four years with the culture of you know, cancel wars that have been going on: people losing family members, people losing jobs, people being attacked for wearing a make America great hat or a kid wearing a trump t shirt it is. It is enough to make people one lie to pollsters two. Just not be vocal were seeing this undervote everywhere. You see the intensity where we, where Donald Trump right now, President Trump is having ten twelve fifteen thousand people during a pandemic show up and Joe Biden can barely get a dozen people in a room. It is indoor or outdoor. It is embarrassing for the Biden campaign why they dont do many events.
It is very similar to Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen Jedediah Corey. I want to ask you: PETE had referenced the Hunter Biden allegations with reference to the emails, but the bigger story for a lot of people. Silicon Valley, social media, select, tiff dissemination of of information, inherent bias in these platforms that are supposed to be free thinking, platforms, people go to see news, and is that a key issue that people will carry with them to the polls and using to help make their decision who to vote for this time around Jedediah? It is amazing we have the fourth largest newspaper in the country, the New York Post, which was censored by both Facebook and twitter because of the content they said was leaked to them before it was published in a mainstream publication. Look if that is the criteria. How can the New York Times
Print Donald trumps, tax returns, which we know were leaked? Look the left has taken over big tech. I think the only thing we can do is we need the members of the United States Senate to subpoena these individuals, not via zoom, to be there in the room. Answer questions start imposing fines on these people for stopping free speech. Ron Johnson said he will do this. Lindsey Graham, will remove the protections under section two hundred and thirty. It is his life work to do that. If Jack Dorsey wants to censor people, how about one hundred million dollar fine for every person who couldnt distribute the information, I think amazing how quickly that company would change. It is amazing how they censor Kaleigh, Mcenanys press email, her twitter feed, as the secretary of the White House say she cant disseminate information. This is disgusting. People are tired of this culture. It will show up on election day and send Donald Trump back to Washington to fix these
problems. Jedediah Corey Lewandoski David Bossie, thanks for joining us.
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