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Son makes passionate social media post to save father's business

2020-12-28 | 🔗
Brennan Heretick discusses his viral social media post that saved his dad Mike Heritick's business.
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Act now, your benefits may be changing in the new year will now. This is a nice change will now. This is a nice change of pace. The tables are turning for a local restaurant owner after his son took to social media to draw support for his 25 year old business, hit hard by the pandemic, the post reading in part. Anyone who knows my dad knows he would give you his shirt off his back. He puts in 80 100 hours a week in March, we lost over one hundred thousand dollars when Covid hit. Since then weve lost money every month. Im not here to ask for pity im asking if weve ever taken good care of you and you have the means to do so. We would love to have you back to dine with us here now to tell us more of their story. Owners of high tide, MIKE Teratik and his son Brennan welcome to the program guys good morning good morning. Thank you so much for having us
a passionate post. What inspired you to do that for your dad? Well, you know I could see that his mood has not been what it typically is around the whole pandemic, and I could tell that he was really stress. Ing and ive worked for him. For since the day I turned sixteen, so ive really been able to see how hard he works and how much time he puts in behind the scenes that people dont really get to see when you go out to eat and really all I wanted to do was share, who he is and just let people know what hes done to make his dream happen and what the reality looks like for us, and so many others during these times will yeah Brennan. I think the story here is how social media can be used for good and the turnaround its helping your familys business, but first to set the stage MIKE tell us what business has been like through the pandemic. What was the low point? Are you still there? Well, the low point when
they closed us down St Pattys Day on March in Florida, were doing about thirty percent of what we usually did to takeout and delivery service. But people were coming in and supporting us and we were working and keeping all employed. I had a rainy day fund, which came in very, very handy to keep all my employees and its picked up, but we went to twenty five percent in Florida and we were at fifty percent of what our sales were and then we went to fifty percent and were still we were still only about zero percent of sales from last year, but the last two weeks I got the best marketing guy in the world sitting. Next to me, we were booming. People are coming out and theyre, just basically good people MIKE. This is a story that a lot of businesses are experiencing all across the country.
What would you say to the representatives in this country that are enacting these laws that impact you and other businesses? I would say: save the small business because thats the backbone of America, big businesses and corporations have the capital to stay and weather big storms, but the small guy is the one thats going to hurt. Im. Sorry will im sorry MIKE. I want to go back to you. If I have a minute here, Brennan, because im one thats become very skeptical of social media. I see a lot of negativity used. I see it used for the wrong purposes, but here is the story where its being used for the opposite. You have gone to your community, your friends youve gone to Facebook and youve managed, as your dad just said in two weeks to rebound this business. Tell us how you did that yeah. You know ive been getting a lot of people, giving me credit and everything, but really all I did was share my
story of my dad and what I see behind the scenes on a daily basis. So really I had no idea that we would receive the amount of outreach and support that we have from the post. You know my phone gets blown up, getting messages e mails. I had about one thousand people to get back to we sold a ton of gift cards. Will its really awesome im? Sorry to cut you guys off, we have a commercial break, but what.
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