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Sons of NY nursing home victim react to Gov. Cuomo's Emmy

2020-11-22 | 🔗
Peter Arbeeny who, along with his brother Daniel, lost his father to COVID-19, tells 'Fox & Friends' New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should get an 'Academy Award for directing and creating a horror show in nursing homes.'
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Jedediah New York, Governor Jedediah New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, will receive an Emmy for his daily coronavirus briefing, despite the thousands of seniors who died from coronavirus in New York, nursing homes. Our next guest lost their 89 year old Father to the virus, who was a patient at a nursing home facility in Brooklyn last month. They helped organize a mock funeral for Cuomos leadership and integrity. Daniel and Peter Arvini join me now. Thank you both for joining me on this very sad topic. Our hearts go out to you for losing your father at this time, really really terrible Daniel. If you would just first tell us a little bit about your father, his story and how he died, sure my father was a vivacious 88 year old man who was still working at eighty eight, very sharp christmastime. We enjoyed it together immediately after Christmas, he got sick and that led to a series of three months of him being in the hospital being in
rehab, which culminated around March twenty five with us being told, while he was in rehab at a nursing home, we need to take him home because they were being forced to accept covid patients and regardless of how many elected officials locally called the governor and the nursing homes called and said. Please dont do this one of the many other facilities that they could use, including the Samaritans purse and central Park, the FEMA and setup in the Javi Ts Centeter. He could for six weeks ish he sent Covid patients to nursing homes and that ended. When we took our father out, we saw how bad the nursing homes were because they werent getting support and we partnered with a couple. Local organizations and the community raised money donated thousands
of pieces of Ppe. Before my father passed after my father passed and in my familys name in one week, Jed- and I say this very um its hard for people to hear this so ill. Just say it: in one week we had five of our family members die. Four from Covid three were in nursing homes, Jedediah Daniel thats terrible, and I hate to interrupt. Please I hate to do this, but I just want to make sure we get Peter in as well into this segment, and this is all just breath- takingly horrible news Peter. What was your reaction to hearing that Cuomo was getting the Emmy? I would think that he just doesnt deserve an Emmy. He deserves an academy award for directing and creating a
horror show in nursing homes. His March twenty five directive to put positive covid patients back into nursing homes was done without any science and thousands of people died and me, and my brothers stand before the american people as Covid offerings and theres. Thousands of us and people did not need to die, and if it was a mistake which it was the governor needs to own his mistakes, he needs to apologize for his mistakes and we need closure and an investigation into this order to protect the most vulnerable. His first defense to his order was he used. The word called discrimination and he stated that we cannot discriminate against covid patients and I believe that there was no one in America that believes protecting the most vulnerable population
in nursing homes. Jedediah. I hate to interrupt. You guys were unfortunately up against a hard break, but we greatly appreciate you being here. Our hearts go out to you for your losses and we hope that you receive the justice that you seek. Thank you so much for joining us.
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