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St. Louis protesters from McCloskey confrontation cited for trespassing

2020-09-13 | 🔗
Reaction from homeowners Mark and Patricia McCloskey on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Pete, welcome back nine black lives matter. Protesters confronted by a armed St Louis couple, merely defending their home back in June. Theyre cited those activists for trespassing. The couple claimed they were fearing for their lives but facing felony weapon charges here to react. The St Louis homeowners Patricia and Mark Mccloskey. Thank you for being here appreciate it. Your story has been front and center Patricia youre still facing felony weapons charges for standing on your lawn saying you can go no further. These nine citations for press passing is it enough? Is this a good development? What is your take? These are tickets municipal of type tickets, nine of three to five hundred people. I dont know how they chose the nine people it doesnt include our newly elected congressman says she is part of the squad now
Cori Bush, why these chose these nine people. I dont know these. Nine people have been sent over to the circuit attorneys office. We dont know Kim Gardner will charge these people. We suspect that they wont even be charged city attorney office. This is like parking tickets PETE. They have not yet determined whether to file charges. Is this doing something to look like were holding somebody accountable, hoping it all goes away? The most amazing thing you out of hundreds of people there choosing nine Cori Bush claims. She was there. This lady is running for United States Congress. She posted that she is upset. Now she has been outed. She has a target on her back now that people will snow who she is. She led the organization she is running for Congress. She is upset that people might know who she is the shock being thing to me. I was watching before we got on air today the tragedy out in Compton California,
these kinds of protests that the government not just tolerating encouraging these kind of protests, think about it. Two deputies shot quote protesters the mob blocking the hospital. This is not coincidence. Cori Bush, the mob outside of my house chanting. You cant, stop the revolution, what the is definition of a revolution, violent overthrow of government. Do we see that happening all over the country? Who is stopping it? The democrat run cities theyre, encouraging it theyre, encouraging violence, theyre asking the public to engage in violence stuff. Like this happens, you know this isnt a coincidence. Pete Patricia what are the latest on the gun. Charges you face, for this were still waiting to be indicted. Weve been charged were waiting for this indictment to come down. That has to be done. I think, by October the fourth they have been told to have it done by then so were waiting PETE waiting in the belief it
likely will come. I presume I think so they say you can indict a ham sandwich. I suspect it is going to happen reporter mark how many protesters were there. There were nine how many broke through the gate on your property. I think the FBI told us between three and five hundred t was a crowd so big you couldnt estimate it from where we were seemed. Like I said, the other day seemed like everybody in the western hemisphere was coming through the gate. I told the paper yesterday, even in the paper in St Louis Post dispatch. Yesterday, the news all around the world, I saw theyre still saying things we dont know when that gate was broken. The Mccloskeys claim the gate was broken by the protesters, but we have video of the protesters coming through unbroken gate. There is no question about it. Weve got video weve got photographs of the crowd coming through the gate, with it broken through the ground. The fact the media will still say things objective, inarguably wrong. It is just it is just a
proof of fake news. Reporter out there breaking your own gate, Mark and Patricia Mccloskey.
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