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Steve Doocy’s ‘Happy in a Hurry’ holiday feast!

2020-11-28 | 🔗
‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy shows us how to make his Grandma Berndt's hash brown-crust ham quiche.
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Pete, I have one line its a good one, though its breakfast time will who better than Steve Doocy, to show us how to MIKE a quick and easy breakfast dish from the best selling happy in a hurry, cookbook Jedediah. He joins us from his kitchen, Steve, hey Jed, good morning to everybody. So far this week, a week ago, I showed everybody how to make our bacon braided smoked. Turkey, breast and thousands of you did and then also I showed you yesterday what to do with leftover, Turkey, using a by crust like this thats, what PETE did yesterday. I showed you what to do with your leftover pumpkin pie today. I have got the best recipe in the world for what to do with leftover holiday ham. This is perfect at breakfast time and its so easy to make Watch Steve when I was growing up
migrate, Grandma Bert made everything in a cast iron skillet. Ironically, she never burned anything. This is my favorite recipe of this is my favorite recipe of hers, a Hash Brown crust, Quiche watch this a hash browns a little salt and pepper mix that up real nice. Now one tablespoon of butter, two stable spoons of oil and let two stable spoons of oil and let it melt cook that on high heat for ten minutes pop that in the oven for fifteen in a clean bowl mix, six eggs, one cup, half and half two cups delicious. She Darr cheese, stir that all together out of the oven lets, add the ham scatter, some green onions.
Now let pour in that mixture bake at three hundred and fifty thirty five minutes. Thats Hash Brown Crust is amazing and its right there on Paige, thirty five of our brand new, the happy in a hurry cookbook. How great is that thanks, grandma and thanks to the Fox AMP friends viewers for making it number one on the New York Times best seller? It was the number one cookbook of Thanksgiving two thousand and twenty and its the number one gift book of Christmas, two thousand and twenty and the holidays. And you know what today, actually let me put on my salesman hat today- is a good day to order. They have black Friday prices with about half off at Amazon Target and Walmart and autographed copies Cathy and I autographed thousands of copies for books, a million and you can find them at your local Barnes, AMP, noble PETE. It really is easy. I used it last night to do the Thanksgiving Galette. I texted you because you saw you
glaze something on it, which is not in the cookbook. You told me it was an egg wash which I added maybe this morning. If you order Steves book, I will email you his cell phone number, so you can text him while you are making things too for additional Steve. Thank you very much and Jed. I heard you talking about the lemon pasta with peas. That is your absolutely right. That is a delicious recipe that my wife, Cathy, who has got such a. She is so creative when it comes to these. I just tell the stories, but she does the cooking. She worked with her friend Madeline and they came up with that. Its just one of a quick and easy recipes. Look. This whole cookbook has struck a cord because we have all run out of things to cook, and this stuff is quick and easy and thats why everybody likes it will very cool. You do the cooking and I will do the dishes thats, my role, Steve. How do you like the dip.
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