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Steve Spangler’s DIY science experiments for at-home learning

2020-12-06 | 🔗
Emmy Award-winning host of 'DIY Sci' Steve Spangler, demonstrates easy DIY experiments for kids on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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Views on social media theyre getting more popular as more kids learn from home PETE, and I had the opportunity to try some much the experiments yesterday here with some of his favorites Steve Spangler host of Diysci at home. We did screaming balloon me and my two boys. This was the biggest success for all of us, Steve, really fantastic. This is where I have been for nine months. This is the kind of stuff weve been doing. Ive been creating tons of videos, doing lots of experiments. Parents teachers need the resource. We put this together everyday stem a way to do that, you experimented with one of the simple experiments. I have a hex nut and balloon im using a clear balloon show what youre doing as well when you spin the hex nut in the balloon, because it is not
perfectly round get the edges. Listen to this has crazy, spinning screaming sound. You get that vibration and spinning sound. This is pretty successful with the kids. Is that right will this was successful for us, because we didnt fail PETE, you did the Van Niching Water Trick PETE. I did the Van Niching Water, which my 3 year old, was mortified. She would get wet but didnt. How does it work well here, parents and balloon? They will do that im done with that, so the kids. That is why it is done watch this here is the cup and water goes in so viewers see it snap, your fingers three two one. It is gone that scared her PETE yeah you revealed showed what was inside. Did you tell them what the material was when I shared it with you tell them what this is PETE I didnt Steve. I didnt follow through the way I should will I failed on this one Steve, you failed.
How did you fail? Will I dont know, but I got jell all in my hair. I flipped it over way too quickly. That was the point of that video. The jell hiding down inside is small amount of this material called water jell. It is secret ingredient in a diaper. We teach you how to dissect the diaper pull the polymer out. That is fun thing. How did you do with the spinning cup? Did you do that? We always need to mix something. Did you do well with the spinning cup? Will this was cool really cool, good good, like this hello? Why would you need a spoon when you can do simple things like this? Here is the boat line we need content? Will Steve got to run cool centrifugal force keeps the.
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