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SWAT team that caught Boston Marathon bomber disbanded

2020-08-04 | 🔗
Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis weighs in on the decision.
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And now no interest until January, two thousand and twenty three on all smart beds. Only for a limited time. For thirty days, Brian, the highly trained Swat team hailed for capturing the Boston Marathon bomber. Remember that back in twenty thirteen we covered it live now getting disbanded by the Boston, transit police, superintendent, arguing the decision came down to resources and said the team hadnt been used in years here to weigh in former Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis there during the bombing getting rid of a unit sitting there hanging out in the locker room. It seems that way. This is a difficult time and theres a lot of hard decisions that are going to be made. So I support the chiefs decision because he has to make the call, but this is a very well respected team, a team that has specialized skills hostage, rescue team had them go in and make the rest of Dzhokhar tsarnaev, and that was because Dick Donahue, one of their officers, had been shot and
almost killed by the suspect. You know they are a good team. You hate to lose that expertise Brian commissioner. From the outsider perspective, I have never gone to a police academy, the beneficiary of a great police force in New York. At least it was if I wanted to lean out the: U Dot S army, I wouldnt say lets get rid of the green berets, so why am I getting rid of a huge asset to the Boston Police force right? The thing I worry about is the special expertise that these officers have and the Swat team. They have set up a special training facility. While I was the commissioner to do entries into subway cars and the t as we call it here, so they did have the ability and the knowledge of the underground systems that the other swat teams now are going to have to get up on to do the job properly. So it does affect operations. We will be able to respond, but,
as I, these are difficult times, difficult decisions, Brian Commissioner, if it is okay, we understand revenue is down every single city, although we dont know if the federal government is going to provide resources anticrime unit, because I guess we are tired of fighting crime effectively- is the same thing here, because they took that money not to save it, and they put it to youth programs. What do they do with this money? Well, I think everyone is looking at their operations to determine how best to respond to whats going on in society. Right now, as I said, these are difficult decisions. Peoples lives hang in the balance here, but you really do have to look at this through the lens of the chief executive, who is making the call- and I wouldnt be one to criticize that Brian has the terror threat diminished? No, it has not,
if anything, the information im getting from sources in high levels of law enforcement is that the domestic terror threat is worse now than it has ever been. We certainly have problems on the international front. Domestic terrorism is going up. A lot of unrest in the country very differ time, Brian, at a time in America, where we are quick to blame. If there is something that happens, and we need that quick reaction team and all the skills the Swat team brings to the forefront, there is going to be outrage amongst the people. Where is swat when we needed them, and we will have to say we this- to make a tough decision im not too sure the people are best served by this, but we will leave it to the experts, Ed Davis thanks so much thanks. Brian.
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