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Tammy Bruce: If guns are so freely available everywhere else, why is Chicago such a bloodbath?

2020-07-30 | 🔗
Chicago's mayor blames the availability of firearms for the deadly gun violence; Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce responds.
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Our gun problem is related to our gun. Problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on our street, sixty percent of which sixty percent of which come from states outside of Illinois. We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons that hurting cities like Chicago PETE, Chicago mayor, Lori, Lightfoot, deflecting blame for the gun, violence wrecking her city next guest says. Democrats should blame their own gun, control and anti police policies here to explain Fox NEWS, contributor, Tammy Bruce Good Morning, PETE Pete. Ultimately, the buck stops with the mayor. She doesnt want to take responsibility, pointing fingers at other states Hemi out with that Democrats in general dont. She indicts herself. With that comment, the fact of the matter is, if guns are so freely available
everywhere else. Why is Chicago the Blood Bath Dystopia health gate? Have you got to look at policy? This is not availability of firearms if firearms have available throughout this nation. The violence in Chicago PETE is extraordinary and the first half of this year, matched in shootings the most violent year in twenty years, with three hundred and twenty nine homicides just up until now, and were only halfway through the year. But Democrats do this whether she is trying to its a deflection. She doesnt want to look at the fact former chief told Fox NEWS a few weeks ago that this is about policy that was building and a lack of confidence in being able to support the police, so its anti police rhetoric, sanctuary cities, which these liberal cities also of course are, and that sends a message that you can be. You know you know be wanted, be committing a crime and, of course, as we know, PETE the city is the the communities that are affected
first by this are communities of color, so they are condemning communities of color to lives of violence, while virtue signaling to their other democrat political friends. I mean this is an abandonment of the entire community, but particularly communities of color, PETE Tammy. Why cant? They see that if you have got law abiding citizen who cant defend themselves because of gun control measures inside the city, then have you got police whose hands have been tied and they ultimately dont feel. Like leadership, has their back and then leadership is taking a knee with protests. You add that all up what does it say to the criminals there? Well, first of all, they do see it leadership know what is they are doing, which is why they are deflecting if they really care, they would say: oh my gosh, our policies. We need to change our policies like we would personally, it exposes the fact that they know and that they dont care. We see it in Chicago in New York,
my God New York is, it is its own hell Escape LOS Angeles, Portland Seattle, we see tall the biggest problem is the individuals know the Democrats know, and now we have to be honest, is it that they wants this chaos because they believe it gives them benefits politically, that people give up more power when they feel that they are under threat and all the people in these urban areas, regardless of your complex, when you have got to start voting for alternatives because things are not getting better because Democrats, I would argue, dont want them to PETE Alternative, taking it head on whether its family breakdown or failed schools or lack of opportunities at large gang violence, big things that would take a lot of political courage to stare down and easier to point.
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