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Teachers should get priority for COVID-19 vaccine: columnist

2020-11-30 | 🔗
Nationally syndicated columnist Adriana Cohen tells 'Fox & Friends' teachers should be prioritized for the coronavirus vaccine when it's made available so that schools can reopen.
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Doj made, while submitting FISA applications, will will thanks Carley with a coronavirus vaccine still on the way and many students still learning from home in a Fox news. Op Ed should give teachers priority Covid 19 vaccines, so schools can reopen joining me now is columnist, Adrianna Cohen. Why should teachers move to the front of the line and be prioritized in getting a vaccine? Please, absolutely millions are suffering being cut off from peers and teachers with school closures we have millions of american children who are staring at computer screens all day. This has taken enormous toll on them, physically, mentally and academically. If you look at mentally how its effecting them, mental illness is up in children, five to seventeen up in children, five to seventeen,
the CDC reports, thirty one percent increase in emergency department, kids suffering from mental illness since April. This is a catastrophe. Secondly, you have the issue of failing grades. All over the United States were seeing Marv number dropping out of school, because virtual learning isnt dropped out of school system this year, in LOS Angeles, in the largest school district, there eleven thousand students have dropped out. We are seeing similar dropouts in North Carolina, Utah, Washington, D, dot c, and then, if you look at the grades, the grades are in because we have already got the first report card. In from the first semester for school, there has been a massive increase in students, middle schoolers and high school students who are failing school. This is totally unacceptable. Its a national health crisis and we need to get kids back into the classroom. Will I agree Adriana while
that has been discussed, we havent done much but give lip service. This is a map of school districts reporting a decline in public school enrollment over the last year. You can see its twenty one. Different states have public school districts who have reported a drop in enrollment. What do you think Adiana the various teachers unions perspective on this? Do they agree with you? Do they want their teachers to be moved to the front of the line and prioritized when it comes to getting the vaccine? Well, I would hope so because their reasoning for keeping schools closed is because they didnt want to have teachers exposed to children, possibly bringing covid into the school system and infecting them. One way to solve that problem is to get teachers. Vac sin nighted vaccines are reportedly ninety five percent effective, reportedly very safe. No reason why teachers shouldnt be demanding this vaccine. If they dont want it, then that
raises eyebrows people are going to start to wonder. Was this all political or truly about science, because if the vaccine is good enough for doctors and our frontline workers, it should be good enough for our teachers, and so governors right now need to prioritize the teachers. They are essential workers and we need to get our kids back into the classroom, because you know lets also look at the fact that kids being sedentary staring at computer screens, six or eight hours at home, this is causing increase in diabetes and obesity and other health problems, its just a catastrophe and its been going on since last march. This is not like a two week thing this has been going on for eight month. Now. Will the science suggests kids arent spreading to each other schools, arent big spreader points and not spreading it to adults? I dont know that were going to follow the science we havent. Yet to this point,.
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