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Ted Cruz says the GOP faces 'court-packing fight' if Democrats win majority

2020-10-15 | 🔗
Sen. Ted Cruz warns about looming court-packing battle; reaction from 'Fox & Friends' weekend cohost Will Cain.
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The court is, the court is wrong. It is an abusive of power, I believe, should they win in November that our democratic colleagues will pack the court thats the next fight we are facing. If Democrats win the majority, I hope that we dont see that come to pass Brian wow, Senator TED Cruz warning Republicans of a looming fight. They may face over court packing. If Democrats take control of the Senate. Our next guest says this is a warning. We should take seriously watching them over the weekend and watching them. On this Thursday weekend CO host will Cain. He said it out loud rumored in the halls Democrats dont want to answer it. Why is it important for Republicans to face it important for two reasons? Brian first TIM Cruzs warning is true. He has declined every one of those opportunities to say he wont pack, the court in my mind, a tacit admission that it will be a tactic of the Democratic Party should they lose and Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to pack the court.
I think cruise is spot on in his prediction, but there is something more important Brian. You know what makes the United States great its ideas founding ideas and process thats more important than the outcomes in this country. We made this great play. We played this play in one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six by staying true to our ideals, staying true to our processes. It would maintain long term prosperity but more important Brian. It would protect us from a tyrant that would come along some say day. I want to you think about what the Democratic Party has embraced over the last couple of years by embracing black lives matter. They rejected some of those ideals like individualism and merit openly anybody that doubts that look at what black lives matter espouses. We are rejecting our founding ideals. What more, when we look at the rejection of con sepghtsd like due process constitutionalism, you just got a three day course in how the left finds their policies more important than constitutional procedure,
and when we see that court pack something yet another rejection of that process, Brian we are rejecting. At least the Democratic Party is not just our founding ideals, but our processes. What comes next! Why is this so important? What comes next? This sets us up for a tyrant to come along and take advantage of all of this rejection, rejection of our ideas and processes no projection when the tie rabbit comes Brian, at least have the courage to admit what you are going to do. Why play it coy? Why are you saying im going to hold my cards and then im going to shock you and do something that even drew backlash to the most powerful executive at the time? Maybe in recent memory, FDR in one thousand, nine hundred and thirty. Seven meanwhile lets pivot and talk about one of the most disturbing elements from a story that emerged from the New York Post acquiring the emails of Hunter Biden, which indicates that Joe Biden knew about his interaction with the Ukraine which he was running. He had that in his portfolio and now this new news about a China deal, the story comes out.
People wants to share it and what happened? Well? What happened? Is it suppressed Brian openly? You know, admittedly, manipulating what we are allowed to see, think and read again, give a small point and bigger more important point: the small point, as you heard you and Steve and Ainsley talking about earlier internet companies that pretend to be platforms but make editorial decisions about what people will see and read, are in fact publishers and they should lose protection from section two hundred and thirty of the communication Decency ACT. That is obvious at this point, but thats really, honestly again, the smaller point, look Brian you host a morning show I do this. One on the weekends were happy. We have a good time, so forgive me a for a minute if im just completely outraged at the blatant manipulation taking place. I feel like im being told here, take the blue pill, its not just a New York Post story that we are not allowed to read its any CDC information or any
contrarian information on coronavirus. No, no! No. We are going to suppress that as well, which Facebook and Twit remember doing its Webster, changing the definition of sexual preference in a 24 hour time frame once it comes up in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing something they never had for years, leading up to that, but in twenty four hours, all of the sudden, its an offensive term because Mazie Hirono said it was every time I turn around Brian. I know because im being openly manipulated, I am being spun im being told. Take the blue pill. Forgive me im a little outraged at this point. I dont know what the end goal is. I dont know what the lies and manipulation are about. Is it just simply an election? I will tell you this big tech is showing their hands. They are taking off the mask. We have to ask ourselves: what is it we wants? Do we want to make up our own minds? Read our own information, decide what we believe or be manipulated openly honestly manipulated to choose and takes the blue pill.
This is outrageous. Brian Brian right, all I can say is just for people out there. We are, America is not all sheep if you want some evidence of it. Look at the size of the crowds in North Carolina. Look at the size of the crowds in Orlando. Look at the size of the crowds in Iowa. The presidents message is not being scwechesd all across America. Its just maybe the Cyber America weve have to see will really quick. We are not all sheep now they are yelling at us. Follow instructions, sheep, Brian thats, true, in fact, in my ear they are telling me wrap up the segment as much as they like will Cain. There are other guests.
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