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Tennessee congressman applauds law enforcement on bombing response

2020-12-27 | 🔗
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., comments on the aftermath of Friday's bombing in Nashville.
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Now, over to you Rachel Rachel, you got it Fox news alert authorities searching a home tied to a person of interest in the Nashville Christmas bombing Griff, the Tennessee governor, asking President Trump to declare a state of emergency will Tennessee congressman Chuck Fleischmann is joining us now with the latest in the investigation congressman thanks. So much youre, of course, congressman from the State of Tennessee tell us what you know about the latest on the investigation there with the bombing in Nashville. Well, obviously, this is still under investigation, a very sad occurrence any time, but for this to happen to our great Capitol City in Nashville on Christmas day is so saddening. I spoke with Mayor Cooper yesterday in Nashville offered my full assistance but its an ongoing investigation. I applaud local and federal law enforcement authorities who have gone out very quickly and theyre gathering the facts. Theyre gathering the facts. They will present them to the
american people as soon as possible, but no real conclusions have been drawn yet Rachel congressman whats, the feeling in Nashville right now. Well, this is a very beautiful city. This is a city that, over the years, has grown into a tremendous metropolis. People from all over the country come there, but this particular part of Nashville is very touristy, very old, just very quaint and beautiful, so shocked shocked, saddened to think that in the United States of America that something like this could happen, its almost unfathomable, but not only our thoughts and prayers. But I told Mayor Cooper yesterday that, in my role as the ranking member on the homeland Security appropriations subcommittee were going to do everything with FEMA to make sure that the funding is there. So we can rebuild this part of Nashville and get it back on track. Griff congressman as a fellow
Tennesseean, I want to give you an opportunity to really commend the six Nashville Police Officer S who, on what was no doubt a quiet cold Christmas morning. You see them there officer, Hosey, Luellen, spy, all and wells and Sargent Miller. They had essentially fifteen minutes. They dont know what was coming and they had a very strange Erie and, quite honestly, weird recording with music playing out of an rv, and yet they lept into action. With the heroic decisions that are to be commended this morning, all of these fantastic law enforcement officials ought to be praised and lauded for everything that they have done again. Thats, why we have got to support law enforcement in America. These men and women put their lives on the line for us every day, just think about the short timeframe in which they had to
operate, and then the tragedy that followed. They clearly kept people from being killed. Something like this is obviously a horrific event, but they clearly did their actions made it now that people were not killed and that we can move forward with the cleanup they all ought to be commended not only locally but nationally as well will Griff. I did not know you were a native tennesseean that makes three people who is near and dear to their heart. On this set, I spent a good portion of the pandemic in Blunt County, Tennessee and ive grown to love that state theres a reason, its called the volunteer state, and you see it in the spirit of the officers rushing towards danger congressman. Let me ask you about something more important coming up tomorrow and that is a vote. Nancy Pelosi intends to put two thousand dollars direct payments in line with what President Trump wants as well to vote for the american people. We had congressman KEN Buck of Colorado on yesterday. I asked him: would he vote for two thousand dollars direct Covid relief bill and he said only if its accompanied by a reduction in spending in the omnibus? What will you do?
Will you vote for a increase in direct payments tomorrow? Well, first and foremost, we have to see how this comes together, consistent with what my colleague, Mr Buck had said, and what other people are looking at. Weve got to understand that there were actually a con ruence a coming together of two very odd bills. You have the appropriations package which had been passed from October until this time being joined by a covid package. Typically, these would have been standalone the fact that they got merged together. It was messaged as a mess. Now we all left Washington candidly thinking that there was a deal. It was not an ideal situation, but my goal was to bring the most relief to the american people as quickly as possible: unemployment relief, direct relief aid to small businesses. Our airlines are bringing thirty two thousand people back to work, so we want to get aid to the american people, but the american people
who were calling me my constituents are very upset with what they deem to be wasteful spending on the appropriations side of the bill. We understand that I dont think the Democrats are willing to take that out to his credit leader, Mccarthy, put up a bill to get that wasteful spending out and that was defeated in the press. They talked about the two thousand dollars being defeated, but in reality both were defeated, not only the two thousand dollars, but the wasteful spending so lets see how it comes together. My goal is to get the most relief to the american people as quickly as possible, Griff Congressman in just a word. Do you think the president waited too late to get this involved? No, actually, the president has been involved with this situational along and has done a very good job. In my estimation, Secretary Mnuchin was and has been involved for months with negotiation with congressional leaders, and I think you raise a
very good point, though. The covid side of the bill was largely negotiated by leadership on both sides of the capitol and both sides of the political spectrum. The appropriations bill has been a process that actually has gone on throughout the whole year, for example, on the homeland side, I worked hard to get money in for the wall that is actually in there for I dot CE beds that is actually in there for law enforcement that is actually in there. So there are basically the sad part about it is because of the timing and everything that these two very different bills came together as basically one package. So this is something that everyones concerned. Obviously, the president has a big heart for the american people always has and always will, but we do as well.
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