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Texas Gov. Abbott on signing 'back the blue' pledge

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott discusses efforts to oppose defunding of police departments in his state.
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Jedediah thanks so much Janice for that warning enter at your own risk. Thats. The alert drivers entering Austin Texas now see on a massive billboard over the interstate Brian put up by the Texas Municipal Police Association after the city, splashed police funding by one hundred and fifty dollars million Steve. Those were condemned by Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, who signed a back. The blew pledge to pushback on defunding, the Texas Police Department and the governor joins us now from Austin Governor Good morning to you good morning, Brian, how you doing Steve its Steve Brian is sitting way over there. Oh Steve, sorry Steve! So if a town like Austin decides to you know what were going to put the money some place else, what can you do so? The state has so many options. One thing that I announced last week was the fact that, when we go into our next session, the
state will take the power of annexation away from cities, as well as cause them to lose the ability to get revenue from people and entities that they have an exed in the past second, and have another proposal out that will defund cities that defund police departments and then I have more options coming. But what im doing right now? I have this back. The blue pledge that im asking every candidate running for office this November to sign this pledge. We want everybody in Texas to support this. We have well over sixty thousand people who have signed this pledge to back the blue to prevent the DE funding of law enforcement in the state of Texas. And if you want to sign it, you can go to texasbacksthe blue. So we can work together to make sure we do not have in Texas what youve seen in LA in Portland in Seattle and Chicago and New York, and that type of crime run amuck without supporting law
enforcement is unacceptable. In Texas. We are going to back our law enforcement to prevent mayhem in our communities. Brian well in Austin, go ahead. Im, sorry Jedediah Jedediah! Oh no! I was just actually going to shift over to another big story: thats happening in Texas, governor, a big win for religious liberty with respect to chick fil, a the state winning a years long battle. The city voted to exclude chick fil, a from its renovation of the airport food court offerings and is now being told you have to include it and you cant discriminate against chick fil a. Why is this so important, not necessarily a court ruling, but a victory nonetheless, for chick fil A and for freedom? This was a part of our last legislative session with Ehad what we called the chick fil a bill. It was a bill to ensure that cities and businesses would not be discriminated against
because of the religious beliefs of the owners of those businesses which we believe was behind the act by the city of San Antonio to prohibit chick fil a from having one of their locations in a San Antonio airport. Despite the fact that its like one of the favorite restaurants in the state of texas- and so we had all these images and all this signing pomp and circumstance about signing the chick fil a bill last session, its great to finally see this come to fruition, so that people will not be discriminated against simply because of the religious beliefs they hold Brian, you know and its so secret that more people are leaving California now than coming in. For the first time, I think in twenty years, about tons of people are leaving New York and Boston area coming to Florida and Texas. We know that especially California going to Texas and because of that theres, a belief that a lot of these so called Democrats or liberals
are going to a conservative area and will flip that state, especially yours, thats. What Beto Orourke was predicting for Joe Biden? Listen to paraphrase TIM Russer, Texas, Texas, Texas. You know this state more than any other holds the key to defeating Trump if on election night or whenever the votes are finally tallied. Texas comes in for the democratic nominee Joe Biden. This country will have to accept that the Trump era is over, as is trumpism, and we will have the ability, with congressional majorities and democratic majority of the state legislature in Texas, to enact a very ambitious agenda for this country. So this is totally possible and completely up to us, Brian wow, so hell be ready to take your guns and take down. The wall is Texas close to flipping, so Beto forgot the math of
how bad he got beat by TED Cruz and people who moved from California and an exit poll was taken that showed TED Cruz got. Fifty eight percent of the vote of the people who moved from California against Beto Orourke people coming from California are coming here for the freedom and for the Texas brand of conservatism, trying to escape big government in California. The big government and the gun grabbing schemes of Beto Orourke do not sell in Texas, Steve youre right. He didnt mention that governor. Thank you very much.
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