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Texas Gov. Abbott promises 'no more lockdowns’ in his state

2020-11-23 | 🔗
Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott tells 'Fox & Friends' that government should not 'micromanage the lives of everybody.'
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The runoff election is set for January Fifth, Brian, as governors across the country, beef up restrictions, our next governor saws, his state Texas, will not shut down Steve Texas republican Governor Greg, Abbott whos. Hailing the arrival of a new coronavirus, aunt body treatment in the state as well. Governor youve got at lot going on dont you, you know Steve. We have a lot going on, but im a little bit distracted because I still have the image in my mind about Brians Deltoid that he was talking about thirty minutes ago. Laughter proven Brian looking forward to the shot, was my point shot and listen the shot coming Steve. Going back to your comment and what we began doing last week was we began the delivery of these antibody therapeutics. The first one delivered last week is the one by Eli Lilly over the weekend, the Regeneron antibody therapy, the same one
that President Trump took has now been authorized for emergency use. We will soon be delivering that. However, going back to the e, I lie Lily one going to all of these hot spots that were seeing this Texas, whether it be El Paso, Lubbock and so many other places. This therapy is going to be able not going to be is already available. We get weekly allotments where we are increasing the amount of this aunt body therapy and what this does. It allows people to recover as quickly as what you saw the president recover and it keep people out of hospitals. So we will begin to see hospitalizations decline. Ainsley someone asked me recently said say they have the antibodies and do I still have to follow the restrictions since ive had it recovered and had the antibodies, and I said, good question: can you answer that for us so when it comes to both the antibodies, as well as the oncoming vaccines that, as you saw, announced, will soon be
delivered? Maybe as soon as three weeks from now, it will allow people to be able to travel or interact or do common day activities without the same concern of getting covid, as would have existed before these medicines became available. Brian yeah, I got a text message the other day from the blood bank, saying if you know anybody that has the antibodies, they need em for treatment. I havent heard this in a while. Meanwhile, here are your current restrictions in Texas gatherings of more than ten people prohibited in most circumstances, statewide mask order instituted, with some exception bars and restaurants at seventy five percent know what youre doing governor youre giving people guidelines, but youre, not untiling them. What to do? Youre saying this is the best way to keep safe, but I dont want to destroy every buzz in my state business in my state. Why is that the better way to go because Bruin, along Brian, along the course of
dealing with the pandemic, weve all learned what works and does not work? One thing government does not need to do micromanage. The lives of everybody. As you point out, we set broad based guidelines that lead to good practices without knew e comanaging it. Another thing ive made clear, is no more lockdowns in the state of Texas, and I will tell you this. The value that symptom people place upon lockdowns is misplaced. If you lock people down its going to put them into confined areas where they can transmit covid just as easily without protocols and what weve found in Texas as well as LS. Where is one of the leading places where people do transmit covid are in these private gatherings, so lockdowns are overvalued. Steve governor the governor of Oregon, a woman by the name of Kate Brown, says hey. If you see anybody breaking any of our states, suggestions and guidelines call the cops is that the way they should handle that call the cops. If
you see somebody walking around with no mask I gotta until you, I think they may have some fourth amendment challenges there, but also I have to point out the irony, if I understand correctly, Oregon, just legalized heroin and maybe cocaine so its okay to have heroin and cocaine, but not Turkey for Thanksgiving that is Un American. It just does not make sense. Ainsley good point all right. Thank you. So much Governor Happy Thanksgiving yall too.
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