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Texas governor sends in Navy to help hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19

2020-07-20 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat reacts on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Every option: Ainsley Ainsley. Thank you. Griff Texas, Governor Greg, Abbott, deploying five: U Dot S Navy teams to southern parts of his state to help the hospitals down. There handle a rise in the Covid 19 cases. Fox news, medical contributor, Dr Janette Nesheiwat, has been working on the front lines here in New York and joins us to weigh in on this good morning to you good morning, Ainsley Ainsley, Dr Nesheiwat. You have been on the front lines. We have talked to you about covid. What are these Texas hospitals dealing with right now? They are dealing with massive outbreaks of this virus Ainsley. We are seeing exponential rise in community transmission, where previously we thought, okay, its just in nursing homes, its just in the meat packing plants and prisons; no right now, also seeing it spread in the community from person to person. So fortunately, God bless our Myrtle, the government Hasmilitary. They need beds and staff and someone to help manage a ventilator someone to help pass out medications.
So having this extra support is truly going to help reduce the burden on healthcare workers on hospitals, because they are right now being stretched thin and really going to help bring down the numbers we have already seen for the first time in the past week, the fortunately, the number of daily deaths have dropped less than one hundred so thats, very good news to see so far on Monday morning, Ainsley, our military, including the? U DOT, S Navy, obviously, and our first responders- are so important and they are his or he throughout this amen Ainsley. What exactly will they be doing? You have been in the hospitals. What do you need help with sure? So, first of all, having Ppe is protective gear, masks, gowns gloves having doctors, nurses, respiratory, techs, someone to help manage the equipment, someone to help manage a patient on a ventilator, provide oxygen and medication, expand the bed capacity thats very important. We have over ten thousand patients hospitalized right now in the state of Texas,
so we want to get those numbers down, but in the meantime we need all the support and resources that we can just like. If you recall here in New York, we had our president send in the USS comfort I watched the ship come in and it gave me chills when we need all the resources we need. This will help drive down the transmission, in addition to adhering to the CDC guidelines of masks and physical distancing and that sort of thing Ainsley. Our thoughts and prayers are with these states. We have been through it in New York. We hope it works out and those people are healed and numbers decrease. I watch Lennox Hill, a reality show on Netflix. My heart goes out to you and first responders after watching that you realize what they went through. Reality show based on covid. God bless you.
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