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The best gadgets to keep your pets happy and healthy

2020-10-20 | 🔗
DIY expert Chip Wade weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Jedediah October means pumpkin, Jedediah October means pumpkin, spice, lattes and Halloween did you know its also national animal safety and protection month and PETE Pet Wellness month? Pete? Who knew will? Did I not PETE? I didnt know pets needed wellness. Will Dyi expert chip Wade we didnt know, but now we do will how to take care of these guys absolutely with the weather coming in a little bit cooler we are spending more time inside, which means pet safety is actually really important, especially pet fire safety. Now about a thousand home fires a month are actually started by our family pets and about five hundred thousand pets suffer from smoke inhalation annually its definitely something we need to consider pet owners, forty six percent of them actually dont, know or dont actually have a carbon monoxide alarm. Now you should install these all throughout the house. Whats most important is knowing when and how to replace them.
You might know know that a smoke alarm actually needs to be replaced ten years after its manufacture date, they dont last forever. Even if the battery is good, quick way. Looking out look at the back ten years, carbon monoxide alarms, seven to ten years. I like it, write my date of install on the side, so its easy and no mistakes are made find out more about this at Tina DOT, com, pet safety. This is the coolest smart collar. I could find it goes right on your dog. Whats awesome is, you could do GEO tell if they get away and go look for them. Have cool features like monitoring with a dog walker or each when you are on vacation, even tracking your stepping is super super fun for your dog keeping them in shape. That makes us all happy all right. Next up, im going to show you guys how to keep our pets clean and us really happy. This. Is the water
pick pet wand? We have the water cone technology, it penetrates deep into the. If you are of some of our pets that have that really thick. If you are oso its really important comes with a 8 foot hose shower connections hose connection for outside. Can you see Bentley loves it. Mara, PETE well behaved dogs getting the job done next up. We have got the Hoover Smart, wash pet, complete carpet cleaning system. Most people dont realize you need to be cleaning your carpets three to four times every single year. A lot of people dont. Do that and think its all good. The smart, wash pet complete is easy, like a vacuum, but you push it forward and it cleans you pull it back and it sucks up all that stuff and dries now. The handle actually comes out really easily its got the spot chaser. So you can clean up all those little messes. Super awesome and Hoover has all of the different stuff as well. This is actually the paws and claws cleaning solution,
great for boaters, all that type of stuff hoover dot com runs for two hundred and ninety nine. If you are interested in the pet wand pro available on Amazon for just thirty nine dollars, which amazing we have all of this on Wade, works, creative dot, com check it out got the blog with all the links in case you didnt, write it down. Take care of our pets, keep them safe, have a great day. Pete Wade works. Creative, my cats, keep running in neighbors yard is there is a shock collar? Is that okay Jedediah, you cant do that? Will very dog biased segments, okay chip? Let me know.
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